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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Up, Up and Awaaaaaaay ...

   By the time you're reading this I'll be - with any luck - climbing 12 miles up Humboldt Peak in the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado.
   Here's hoping no one rolls a wheel of cheese down the mountain and all Hell breaks loose.
   Stayed last night in the old, charming town of Westcliffe at the foothills. Turns out it ...
   Has old, tiny hotels.

   Really knows how to party.

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Adrian Peterson is Great and All, but No Way He's Catching Emmitt Smith

   Adrian Peterson is a badass. Best running back in football. The NFL's reigning MVP. No. 1 overall on most Fantasy Football draft boards.
   But, sorry, he's no Emmitt Smith.
   Furthermore,  he ain't breaking No. 22's record.
   Not like Peterson came out and pro-actively boasted about someday eclipsing Smith's all-time NFL rushing record. But he also didn't shy away from the lofty goal when pushed about details.
   "Man. Oh boy," Peterson told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "I have to do some calculations. I've been in the league seven years. I'm already right around 9,000. Calculate it out ... Let's think. Maybe get a couple 2,000-yard seasons. ... I've got ... Hmm ... 2017."
   Alright big talker, we want details What week in 2017?

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peak-a-Boo: If You Need Me the Next Two Days, I'll Be on a Mountain.

   For those of you who've long wanted me to go jump off a cliff, you're about to get your wish.
   If DFWSportatorium is a little thin the next couple days it's because I don't think there's hi-speed Internet at the tops of 14,000+-foot mountains. I'm flying this morning to Denver, Colorado with an old high-school buddy who'll join me journeying into the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
   By Wednesday morning around 4 a.m. we'll begin our ascent up Humbolt Peak, elevation 14,064 feet.
   Always wanted to climb a mountain. But first I think I'll just hike up one.

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Josh Hamilton Having a Devil of a Time as an Angel. Ain't it Grand?

   Sometimes, things work out. Life seems fair. Karma wins.
   And Josh Hamilton sucks.
   Last night's lucky squib single down the third-base line that plated two runs in the Rangers' 4-3 rally victory notwithstanding, Hamilton and his 5-year, $125 contract are having a dreadfully forgettable year.
   Which is absolutely delicious.
   When Hamilton bolted the Rangers last winter he took a couple shots at the organization and continued doing so in Spring Training when he infamously claimed Arlington/Dallas/Fort Worth wasn't a "baseball town."
   What did we wish upon the smug, ungrateful, fraudulent brat? That his season would underwhelm. That he wouldn't make the Angels better. That he'd miss some games due to injury. And that, in general, his departure from the Rangers would be an epic fail.
   Throw in that Hamilton would be upstaged by Geovany Soto's walk-off homer in his second return to Arlington and it's mission accomplished. Yes, already.
   There are 39 players in the Majors with more homers than Hamilton's 15. Last year with the Rangers he hit four in one game and had 18 by mid-May. With his two hits last night he raised his average to a harmless .223. He's missed seven games with various injuries, and recently whined about "equilibrium" problems. Last month he became the first player since 1916 to go hitless in a game while striking out twice and grounding into three double plays. His team is 48-56, now eight games behind the Rangers and a whopping 13.5 behind the first-place A's.
   Oh, and did I mention that the non-baseball town fans in Arlington are averaging 2,000 more in attendance per night than the Angels?
   If nothing else, Josh Hamilton gave us an early-game distraction from just how hapless the Rangers' bats had become. That is, until A.J. Pierzynski and Soto bombed Ernesto Frieri in the bottom of the 9th.
   Dare I say, fitting?

Final Member of RAGE Officially Leaving 105.3 The Fan

   And then there were none.
   As in, members of RAGE left on 105.3 The Fan after Armen Williams put in his two weeks' notice last Friday.
   Can't tell you where "Guns Up!" Armen is headed until mid-August, but I can tell you he is the only member of RAGE to leave The Fan on his own terms. Yours truly, Greggo and Sybil Summers were fired April 15, with Sybil catching on recently with 103.7 KVIL.
   The email sent from program director Gavin Spittle to his Fan staff:
Huge congratulations to Armen Williams, producer at the Fan who has accepted a management job for a radio station outside of Texas. Armen has been with us since 2009 and has been the ultimate team player. Always tough losing great teammates like Armen but at the same time, I’m so excited for him to take on this new opportunity managing a radio station, something that he has strived to do.Armen will be here until August 9th so join me in congratulating him.  Huge congrats Armen!!
   I met Armen, who for the last couple months has been a producer of the Elf & Slater Show, when I first started working weekends on The Fan in January 2009. He was one of my first board ops and, truth be told, I paid him to burn those tapes.
   Since then I'm been lucky to call him a co-worker and a friend, even though I dubbed his daughter "Weezie" and my backyard stole his Texas Tech class ring.
    Radio's a slimy business, but he's one of the good peeps.

Monday, July 29, 2013

In the End, Kidd Kraddick's Heart Was Too Big

   Kidd Kraddick is the guy we all listened to.
   And, in the end, the victim we all cringe hearing about.
   The wildly popular radio host - a vibrant 53-going-on-23 - was in New Orleans last weekend for a charity golf tournament benefiting his beloved Kidd's Kids. On Friday night, according to co-workers, he went to the casino, played Craps and later goofed off on Bourbon Street, pretending to be the slump-shouldered guy unable to have fun despite being in the middle of one of the world's most festive streets. On Saturday morning he rode in a limousine to nearby Timberlane Country Club in Gretna, and proceeded to the practice range for a warm-up.
   Almost immediately he told folks he wasn't feeling well. Nauseous. Headache. Sweating profusely. Just feeling crappy. After hitting one last good shot - he always had to end on a high - he got in his cart and drove back to the limo to hydrate and cool off and ...
   He was dead 15 minutes later.
   Kraddick, a nationally syndicated host and Dallas/Fort Worth radio icon alongside Ron Chapman, Tom Joyner, Terry Dorsey and Norm Hitzges, apparently died of a sudden and massive heart attack, the result of an enlarged heart and cardiac disease. Yep, he literally dropped dead.
   "We're beyond devastated," said long-time Kidd Kraddick in the Morning sidekick Kellie Rasberry on a surreal show this morning on 106.1 KISS FM. "But there's comfort in knowing he didn't suffer."
   Added co-host Big Al Mack, "The doctors said he didn't feel any pain."
   The guy with one of the biggest hearts in the Metroplex dies of an enlarged heart? In other words, shit happens.
   While you contemplate whether dying of a heart attack is "better" than battling a deadly disease for years, the bouquets of social-media flowers for Kraddick continue to pour in. His energy, his compassion and his show truly made him a personality that transcended radio.

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Yeah, About Floyd Mayweather Showing Up in Rockwall ...

   So how'd Floyd Mayweather's boxing camp go in Rockwall over the weekend?
   It didn't, of course. Canceled.
   File this one in the folder labeled "If It Sounds To Good To Be True ..." Because remember, as I warned you a couple weeks ago, it smelled fishy from the start.
   The hype promised members of Mayweather's camp - and possibly the undefeated boxer himself - would conduct a two-day camp at the Rockwall Elite Boxing Club. Cool idea. But I wasn't buying what the gym was selling. From this here blog on July:
   ... the thought of Money Mayweather conducting a two-day clinic in, of all places, Rockwall, Texas just seems a tad preposterous.
   Sure enough last Wednesday, just two days before the scheduled camp, it was canceled. Because of "scheduling conflicts." The press release promises the camp will be re-scheduled after Mayweather's title fight against Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 14.
   And, yep, there's another hint about "Money" himself attending.
   Again, I think it's a good gym with great intentions. But ... we'll believe it when we see it.

At This Point Aggies Fans, Johnny Football Smells Like Benedict Arnold


   Imagine if Tony Romo finally led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, and then showed up for the parade wearing a Washington Redskins' jersey. What if Dirk Nowitzki won another title, and then celebrated by getting the San Antonio Spurs' logo tattooed on his bicep. Or fathom our American President turning out to be a Muslim.
   That slimy, turncoat feeling of betrayal is how Aggies fans must feel these days when they read the latest headline involving Johnny Manziel.
   As we've previously documented Johnny Football has deteriorated into Johnny Goofball, tarnishing what he did on the football field in 2012 with an off-season of missteps that is desecrating the fabled lore and tradition of Aggieland.
   The latest: The face of A&M football showed up a University of Texas fraternity party in Austin last weekend, and was unceremoniously kicked out. (That's him in the video, wearing the pink Polo.)

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Rangers' Reaction to Massive Slump: Trade Joe Nathan?

   The Rangers are mired in a massive, season-staining offensive drought. They're scoring less than Johnny Manziel at a UT frat party.
   It's bad. Real bad. And it's caused the Rangers to get mad, call meetings and ... consider trading their best player.
   As the Rangers return home tonight to face the Anaheim Angels - with a .220-hitting Josh Hamilton and without injured Albert Pujols - they'll drag with them one of their worst slumps in franchise history. Their offense has dried up worse than Betty White's uterus.
   The listless bats bottomed-out in Cleveland over the weekend. Back-to-back shutouts. No runs in 21 innings. Only eight hits in their last 68 at-bats. They're 2-8 since the All-Star break, punctuated by Mitch Moreland's 2-for-36 funk.
   Add it all up and the Rangers are suddenly as close to third place as they are to first, trailing the Oakland A's by six games.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

RIP, Kidd Kraddick

   UPDATE: Video has been removed but here is the audio from Kidd's self-eulogy from last week. Chilling.

   Shocking news tonight out of New Orleans: David "Kidd" Kraddick has died.
   Details aren't yet confirmed, but multiple media types close to Kraddick and/or his show are telling me that the iconic Dallas radio host passed away Saturday of either a brain aneurysm or a heart attack while attending a charity golf tournament in New Orleans. Kidd was playing golf for his beloved Kidd's Kids Charity when he began feeling ill. After retreating to his limousine, his condition immediately and intensely worsened and attempts to revive him on the scene were unsuccessful.
   Because of his immense popularity, charitable heart and unyielding enthusiasm, Kraddick belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Metroplex radio alongside the likes of Ron Chapman and Norm Hitzges.
   A chilling side note: Just last week Kraddick and his Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show did their on-air "Deathbed Confessions." Kraddick started his obit by joking, "Today, I'm the one dying." The video (since removed) was posted July 22.
   Kraddick was born in Ohio and raised in Florida, attending the University of Miami before arriving in Texas in 1984 as a host on 97.1 The Eagle. Some of us old-timers who grew up listening to Kidd will remember classic bits like "Burn Your Buns." Anyone who met him - even those of us with marginal radio talent - always felt better about our careers after chatting with the effervescent, always-supportive Kidd.
   And here's to his signature sign-off:
   "Keep looking up, because that’s where it all is!"
   After moving to 106.1 KISS FM Kraddick's persona - and show - took off, blossoming into Dallas/Fort Worth's highest-rated listen. In 2001 his show became syndicated, airing in 75 markets including the Armed Forces Radio Network around the globe.
   His popularity and legend multiplied when he launched his own charity, Kidd's Kids in '91 and later when he became co-host of the popular TV show, Dish Nation.
   Kraddick's shocking, sudden death is yet another reminder that life - and death - ain't fair. Bad things happen to really good people.
   Kidd Kraddick was 53.

   Official statement from YEA Networks:
   All of us with YEA Networks and the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew are heartbroken over the loss of our dear friend and leader.  Kidd devoted his life to making people smile every morning, and for 21 years his foundation has been dedicated to bringing joy to thousands of chronically and terminally ill children.   Kidd passed away today in New Orleans at a golf tournament organized to raise money for his beloved Kidd's Kids charity.  He died doing what he loved, and his final day was spent selflessly focused on those special children that meant the world to him.We ask that you respect the privacy of his family and his colleagues.  At the appropriate time, we will release more information about the cause of death.

Friday, July 26, 2013

WHITT'S END: 7.26.13

      Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End

   *The scintillating debut of pitcher Matt Garza notwithstanding, the Rangers are going nowhere fast with this offense. We knew it'd be difficult to replace the bats of Josh Hamilton, Michael Young and Mike Napoli, but this is ridiculously anemic. Texas scored only 10 runs in splitting a four-game series with the Yankees' junior varsity. Rangers are now averaging 4.2 runs, their worst output of the millennium. Last club to score less was the 1990 outfit that won 83 games. Help? Lance Berkman and his bothersome hip/knee is pondering retirement and Manny Ramirez ain't lighting it up at AAA. Now imagine if Nelson Cruz gets suspended. Yikes.

   *Amused at all the uproar over Jerry Jones striking a deal to take "Cowboys" off his stadium in exchange for $20 million a year. I'd name my child "AT&T" for that, wouldn't you? Besides, most fans will still call it Cowboys Stadium. Not the media, but the fans. If you missed Thursday's dramatic video unveiling, I gotcha covered right here.

   *Radio waves: With the long-term direction of 97.1 The Eagle being murky (station management is currently pondering a format flip), Russ Martin and his crew are working these days on month-to-month contracts. ... I hear rumblings about yet another local sports station launching this Fall, supposedly on a 50,000-watt AM station. Stay tuned. ... Can't say who or why (yet), but 105.3 The Fan is about to lose a voice that's been at the station since early 2009. ... Also hear The Fan is attempting to attract a former Cowboys player to a regular appearance on the air. But if it ain't a Roger Staubach-Troy Aikman-Jimmy Johnson show, don't bother. ... For all it's b.s., what makes radio an appealing industry is the fame and fortune. At The Ticket recently George Dunham took his family to Hawaii, Craig Miller went to France, Donovan Lewis to Greece and some dude named Jake Kemp went on a multi-country trip through Europe. ... As we documented a couple weeks ago, The Fan's ratings have never been lower since it hatched in 2008. So the addition of Dallas' Only Daily columnist Tim Cowlishaw Fridays 4-6 p.m. alongside Ben and Skin can't hurt, right? ... Internet show I stumbled on that isn't half-bad: The 101 Radio Show on DeepEllumOnAir, Thursdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. It's got something. Not exactly sure what, but something.

   *Trading in my tennis shoes for some hiking boots. One - and, trust me, there are several - of the silver linings to getting fired from a 5-hour radio show is the time I now have to be selfish. I've done more for myself in the last three months than I did in the previous three years. Hosted a pool party. Played lotsa golf. Last week took a trip with Sybil to New Braunfels which included John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch. Planned my wedding/honeymoon to Tahiti/ Bora Bora/ New Zealand/ Australia/ Fiji. And, on Tuesday, I'm crossing off another item on my bucket list - climb a mountain. Going with a an old high-school buddy to hike up the 14,064-foot Humboldt Peak in Colorado. With any luck - pray for me - I will be blogging from the air way up there.

   *Remember my infamous "Dez Bryant to IR" Tweet from December 2012? Of course you do. Y'all never let me forget it. When I Tweeted the info I had two sources telling me the Cowboys had decided to end the receiver's season in the wake of his broken finger. And this week in Oxnard Cowboys' head coach Jason Garrett kinda corroborated my story, saying the team fully intended to put Dez on IR until "his will finally convinced us to give him a chance to play." Sorta softens the blow of me being wrong? Nope. Not even close. I still blew it. Close or not.

   *After the greatest year in A&M football  history, it's been a rough summer for the Aggies. We all know about Johnny Goofball's exploits. Now Von Miller is facing NFL suspension for drug use and rookie receiver Ryan Swope will never play a professional snap because of concussions. Take heart, Aggies, you can always giggle at former Longhorn Vince Young having to auction off his athletic assets to pay off debt. Young's first NFL contract, by the way, guaranteed him $26 million.



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome to AT&T Stadium

   Today's great unveiling of AT&T Cowboys Stadium came not from under a curtain, but on the giant screen of Jumbo Jerry.
   Cue narrator Brad Sham and a smidge of grandiose, superfluous theatrics in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...


The Dallas Cowboys Now Play in a Building Without Cowboys in its Name

   ARLINGTON - Great, now the Dallas Cowboys play in a stadium that's home to both Ma Bell and Papa John.
   Couple of surprises from today's expected announcement in Arlington. First and foremost, Cowboys Stadium is now AT&T Stadium. Whoa.
   I was betting on AT&T Cowboys Stadium, and I'm also betting a lot of football faithful are going to have a problem with their team's name being redacted from their own stadium.
   Joked owner Jerry Jones about "Cowboys" no longer being in the title, "I'm more worried that 'Jerry's World' is gonna be forgotten."
   I get that the $1.2 billion stadium will host major events outside the NFL like, for example, the inaugural college football national championship game in January 2015. But still, to hear Jerry succumb to anything other than promoting his team is weird, if not a little disturbing.
   "This place goes beyond Cowboys' games," Jerry said.
   Though initially jarring, I'm sure Cowboys fans will learn to deal with a corporate sponsor for the first time in the team's 53-year history and the lack of "Cowboys." After all, the franchise won five Super Bowls playing in stadiums - Cotton Bowl and Texas Stadium - without the nickname attached to the structures.

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Canine Corner: Wally Schirra

  After much success with our RAGE Rescue program, we've decided to continue helping local pups find homes by featuring more dogs from DFW Rescue Me. We'll call this blog item "Canine Corner", and we'll post an available dog each week. (Last week's entry was Sparty.)

  Meet Wally Schirra! Wally comes from a litter of puppies who were living alone on the streets after their mom was hit by a car. They were rescued by DFWRM and are now ready to find forever families! Wally is 10 weeks old, and he gets along with other dogs and cats. 
  You may remember our first "Canine Corner" featuring Kate. She was rescued a few weeks ago, and she had nine pups the very next night! She also had babies prior to that, one of whom was Wally's mama. So, Wally is Kate's grandpup. Since Kate is a Lab/Basset mix, we know Wally has some Labrador in him. Plus, he loves to swim!
  Wally is up-to-date on all his shots, and he will be fixed as soon as he's old enough. (That's included when you adopt him, all you have to do is provide him love and aftercare!) He's also a fast learner, and he's already housebroken! If you would like to meet Wally or find out more about him, please click here.



   Score it an E-S. As in error on the skydiver.
   Happened north of St. Louis this week at a wooden-bat prospects league for college baseball players. Pre-game skydivers parachuting and then - bang - 20-year-old shorstop Mattingly Romanin out for the year with a concussion.
   Enjoy. Especially if you think you're having a bad week.

Cowboys Connecting with AT&T, and Other Stuff We've Learned During the First Week of Training Camp

   I'll be at Cowboys Stadium today at Noon for the official unveiling of the news I told you about on Monday: AT&T Cowboys Stadium.
   I won't make it out to Cowboys' training camp in Oxnard, California for another two weeks, but have been able to glean some info by talking to those who have seen every snap from one vantage point (scouts) or another (players) during this first week.
   As the Cowboys hit their first off day, this is what we think we know:

   10. No shocker, but Dez Bryant is again stealing the show. Physically dominating cornerbacks and catching everything thrown his way. And he's even talking to the media, which is an encouraging sign of maturity and growth.
   9. Because he's one of several players nursing a hamstring injury, Jeremy Parnell so far is doing nothing to push Doug Free at right tackle.
   8. Coaches like new outside linebacker Justin Durant's athleticism so much that he's on the field in Nickel packages as well.
   7. Among the draft picks, safety J.J. Wilcox is already turning heads and making an impact with ball-hawking aggressiveness. Cornerback B.W. Webb has been a flop.
   6. Tony Romo's full of extra pounds and full of hyperbole. He told Sirius XM's Gil Brandt this week that this was the "most complete team" he's been on as a Cowboy. The '07 team won 13 games and featured 13 Pro Bowl players. Let's all just chill.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Fresh Prince of England and The Top 10 Dumbest Things We Spend Too Much Time Worrying About

   Don't sweat the small stuff.
   Especially if it's an 8-pound, 6-ounce bundle of someone else's joy. In fact, the new fresh Prince of Cambridge is only third in line to the throne of England. Or something.
   Really, who cares?
   It's England. Pretty sure we bailed on those blokes and then fought a revolutionary war to keep our independence from the stuffy saps. Now, for some reason, we're concerned - even consumed - by a new twig on their outdated Monarchy form of government's family tree?
   Andy Murray winning Wimbledon? Yes. Phil Mickelson rallying to win The British Open? Interested. Last summer's London Olympics? Riveting.
   But Prince William and Duchess Kate presenting their nameless baby for our entertainment? No thanks. Seriously, I'd rather watch the Kansas City Royals than the English royals.
   But I think I know what this is. Remember those extremely-overweight-and-irrationally-romantic women who dreamed of being scooped up into a life of luxury in Officer and a Gentlemen and who spend all day keeping up with The Kardashians because at least their lives are a smidge interesting? Yeah, those same females are at work here, again misplacing their fascination.
   Of course, men aren't immune to wasting time on frivolous interests. Take it from a guy who last week participated in a fantasy golf draft. I know.
   Combine our silly sexes and it's easy to come up with 10 really dumb things we worry about way too much ...

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White Truck Wednesday: 7.24.13

   My theory, as most do, began simply as an observation, sparked by an annoyance.
   Driving Metroplex freeways - mainly 75 south from Collin County toward Dallas - I began noticing more and more a certain type of vehicle causing me the most anxiety. The white pickup.
   White trucks riding cars' bumpers, the drivers regularly pounding on their steering wheels for traffic to part for their apparently more important path. White trucks dangerously swerving in and out of congestion, often illegally using the shoulder as their personal passing lane. And white trucks, manned by a single driver, arrogantly and unlawfully using the HOV lane.
   Consider this my weekly ode to white trucks, the most aggressive, dangerous and soulless vehicles on our roadways ...
   Traffic sucks. But you know what's worse than traffic? Traffic caused by construction.
   At this point, I've forgotten what it's like to leave my house in McKinney and hop onto Highway 75 without first navigating closed entrance ramps and detours and rock piles and orange barrels and winding, temporary ramps lined by concrete barriers and littered with potholes left by two-ton construction trucks.
   Since January 2012 I haven't been able to leave or enter my neighborhood without taking a detour.
   This story in Dallas' Only Daily from more than a year ago promised relief by January. January of 2012, that is. Nope. It's now July 2013, and there still is no Eldorado access from the 121/75 interchange and the exit off 75 detours you through the Albertson's parking lot.
   Seriously, it's criminal.
   Frustrated as I get, I feel for businesses along Eldorado. Where I once frequented a Smoothie King, I now steer clear of the construction-congested area.
   But there is good news. The $106 million project is supposed to be completed in July ... of 2015.
   On to this week's White Truck madness ...

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April: Umps Giveth to Joe Nathan; July: Umps Taketh Away From Joe Nathan

   Joe Nathan slipped. And the Rangers fell.
   Weird night at the Ballpark.
   Seeing the Rangers' almost-automatic closer (31 of 32 save opportunities entering the game) fall and fail was as rare as Dirk Nowitzki missing consecutive free throws (87% career) or Dan Bailey missing an extra point (76 of 76 in career).
   Just doesn't happen.
   But it did.
   And, because of it, the Rangers lost a 5-4 game to an underwhelming, unrecognizable New York Yankees' lineup featuring guys named Melky Mesa, Eduardo Nunez, Brent Lillibridge and Austin Romine. You expect to see them wearing numbers in the 60s during Spring Training exhibitions, not producing key at-bats against an All-Star reliever in late July.
   Problems started in the 9th when Nathan got squeezed by home-plate umpire Kerwin Danley.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ryan Braun and The Top 10 Worst Liars in the History of Sports

   Ryan Braun is an asshole.
   Not because he used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), lots of baseball players have and probably still do that. But because of his arrogant denials to the charges, even going so far as to "bet my life" he was innocent while criticizing a urine-sample collector's actions as "fatally flawed."
   Baseball's 2011 MVP and five-time All-Star doped, lied and, in the end, got caught. He accepted a 65-game suspension Monday, ending his season and reserving his spot alongside Pete Rose as one of the sport's all-time liars. He'll lose $20,070 in salary every day for the rest of 2013.
   And really, considering his brash denials, it isn't nearly enough.
   "We won," Braun chortled last February after winning an appeal on a technicality. "Because the truth is on my side. The truth is always relevant, and at the end of the day, the truth prevailed."
   A short pause while we all vomit. ... And then giggle.
   Since Braun's punishment stems from his dealings with the Biogenesis Clinic in Miami, who's next? Alex Rodriguez? Or perhaps Rangers' All-Star outfielder Nelson Cruz?
   While we wait for Braun's buddy Aaron Rodgers to pay off on his bold wager of a year's salary if the Brewers' outfielder wasn't telling the truth, let's try to put the latest lies into some historical perspective.
   Since my old truth-twisting partner isn't eligible, who then is the boldest liar in the history of sports?

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