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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Canine Corner: Wally Schirra

  After much success with our RAGE Rescue program, we've decided to continue helping local pups find homes by featuring more dogs from DFW Rescue Me. We'll call this blog item "Canine Corner", and we'll post an available dog each week. (Last week's entry was Sparty.)

  Meet Wally Schirra! Wally comes from a litter of puppies who were living alone on the streets after their mom was hit by a car. They were rescued by DFWRM and are now ready to find forever families! Wally is 10 weeks old, and he gets along with other dogs and cats. 
  You may remember our first "Canine Corner" featuring Kate. She was rescued a few weeks ago, and she had nine pups the very next night! She also had babies prior to that, one of whom was Wally's mama. So, Wally is Kate's grandpup. Since Kate is a Lab/Basset mix, we know Wally has some Labrador in him. Plus, he loves to swim!
  Wally is up-to-date on all his shots, and he will be fixed as soon as he's old enough. (That's included when you adopt him, all you have to do is provide him love and aftercare!) He's also a fast learner, and he's already housebroken! If you would like to meet Wally or find out more about him, please click here.

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