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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fixed? Or Simply Fantastic? Anderson Silva Loses UFC Title

   He taunted.
   He clowned.
   He dared.
   And in the end, Anderson Silva played with fire - and got torched.
   With a left hook that shattered the shenanigans of the greatest fighter in the history of mixed martial arts, Chris Weidman instantly became the Buster Douglas of UFC. He knocked out the unbeatable champion. In boxing it was Mike Tyson. For seven years in UFC, it was Silva.
   In a fight weirder than Jack in the Box's new hamburger that's inexplicably topped with onion rings - and cucumbers? - Silva was his usual, disrespectful self. His excessive showboating to the monumental underdog Weidman included dropping his hands and even pointing to his chin as to say, "Hit me here. Right here."
   Pow! Just like that, Weidman's 2nd-round hook floored Silva, immortalized UFC 162 and raised questions about the whole thing's credibility and legitimacy.

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  1. Finally MMA has come back to the Sportatorium!!! First, if this would have been fixed Silva would have tapped out to the ankle lock Weidman had on him in the first round. Second, if you are going to fix a fight you would do it with a half hearted boring, no action decision, not a knocked out, lights out bounce my head off the canvass a couple of times for good measure. No fix, just a guy who thought he could get away with clowning his opponent like he did Damien Maia, Stephan Bonner, Forrest Griffin, Yushin Okami, Patrick Cote and James Irwin to name a few. In the end on this night he got what he deserved, lights out and the showboat was shown up against lesser (but still really good) talent. When they fight again, and they will fight again, and Silva decides to end the undefeated reign of young Weidman, I will expect a much different result similar to that of GSP/Matt Serra II. It was a "where were you when...." moment for sure and should go down as the most memorable of the year for the UFC and perhaps a top 1 or 2 moment of all time in the UFC.

    Good stuff RW....keep the MMA coming!!


    MMA fan (hopefully not a 1%'er)
    aka NTDSLARS

    1. Yeah, had some buds over for this fight and the reaction we had on that left hook woke the whole house up (sorry kids). I was one of those that thought Weidman was going to win, but as the fight drew nearer, I started to doubt, and after his initial "push" in the first round, he seemed to hesitate and fall into the trap all others do against Silva. I was really suprised by the KO and have no question that Silva will destroy Weidman on the rematch in '14.

      The downside is, in MMA, once you get knocked out, especially at that age, you're more likely to have a "soft" chin going forward. It's what happened to Iceman.

  2. To retort to your Weidman is Buster Douglas comparison, Weidman was 9-0 coming into this fight. Douglass was a tomato can. Weidman is far from that. Weidman was a 4 time All-American wrestler who can strike. If you read what all the UFC fighters were saying pre-fight they were all picking Weidman to win. The odds on the fight were as low as 2:1 which means that that the public could sense something as well. Douglas was about 10:1 to 12:1 against Tyson. Weidman is hardly Buster Douglas.



  3. Wait. Hold the phone? You just glossed over the BIG news of the article:

    Onion Rings and CUCUMBERS? Actually their site says they're pickles. But I'll be damned, RW, they DO look like cucumbers on the photo. Then again, cucumbers are just pre-pickled pickles, anyway.

    I'll pass, thanks. Carl's Jr's Western Bacon Cheeseburger has perfected the "onion rings on a burger" bit years ago.

    Enough of that, when is Pizza Buzz coming?

  4. Why is the actual knock out punch edited out of every clip of this fight? That was the beauty of watching the fight live; Silva's eyes rolling up into his head as he was separated from this world by that punch. He looked like the ass clown he is in that sequence.