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Friday, July 19, 2013

WHITT'S END: 7.19.13

      Whether you're at the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt's End

   *Josh Brent, former NFL player. The Cowboys' defensive lineman retired yesterday, providing us yet another stark reminder of how simple decisions can have complex, horrible ramifications. Had Brent simply called for a cab after a night of drinking on Dec. 7, teammate Jerry Brown would be alive and he would be earning millions playing the game he loves. Instead, at 25 years old, he's facing intoxication manslaughter charges, living with the grief of killing his friend and no longer a professional athlete. I can't imagine how many times per day Brent must replay the events - the decisions - of that night. Hindsight is 20/20. But playing out scenarios before making decisions and taking actions is even more valuable.

   *Never understood the clamor and angst over All-Male country clubs, but the issue has arisen again this week. This time, at the British Open in Scotland where Muirfield is hosting a major without hosting any women. Like Augusta National, home of The Masters, it's a private club. Meaning, it can make its own rules and get its money not from the government or public funds but 100 percent from membership dues/fees. There are All-Female clubs - like this one, for example - throughout the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Just because Muirfield is cool enough to host a major sporting event doesn't mean it's different than the others. Only better.

   *Oh, Johnny Football Goofball. Just admit you've made some mistakes and move on. You've done nothing illegal. Just bad choices. Your A&M head coach says so, why can't you? Your latest version of what happened at the Manning Passing Academy last weekend is that your phone died and "I didn't wake up in time." But camp roommate A.J. McCarron tells a different tale, saying he tried several times to jostle you out of your slumber without success. Being hungover and missing an event looks bad. Lying to cover it up looks worse.
   *As for the Mavs' Plan B summer in the wake of getting snubbed by Dwight Howard, Monta Ellis will be fun to watch at guard. But at center, Samuel Dalembert is just a big body. Nothing special. The 32-year-old Canadian citizen from Haiti and Seton Hall has averaged 8 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks during his NBA career. And these days, that earns you a two-year, $7.5 million contract.

   *Jerry Jones: "We're a better team, no question, than last year." Hello, football season.




  1. You give Josh Brent WAY too much credit. Does he look like a thoughtful, introspective guy to you? Hell, he's one step above a thug! The Cowboys showed their true colors by not cutting him immediately after this last incident. Shameful behavior all around. Send Josh Brent to jail where he belongs!

  2. Wasn't this week's HOT the same as last week?

  3. Forget Greune, its for tourist. Come hang out with the locals at the Pour house, Pheonix Saloon, and the Black Whale Pub. In Downtown NB.

  4. Drinking underage, being served underage, etc... sans having a parent or legal guardian handing you the drink from the bar tender or allowing you to drink in their presence in another setting. . . . are all illegal activities. You might not find them to be a "big deal," but nevertheless, they are illegal. So, yes, Johnny Goofball (a more apropos nickname--nice work), does indeed have something to hide. Even if what he's trying to hide is in full view for all to see, there are potential legal and institutional ramifications (i.e., A&M, the SEC, NCAA) at play. Hence his coyness.

    1. I did a double take when I read that, too. Last time I checked, drinking at 19 or 20 was still illegal. Yeah, most people did it (underage drinking) but it doesn't make it right.

  5. RIGHT about the Gristmill. Great place to enjoy a meal! As for Josh Brent....apparently he hasn't been agonizing too much over the choices that put him in the place he finds himself today. Based on his alchol consumption since the accident, failed drug tests, etc. Some people just think the rules don't apply to them. The reason he "retired" is so the Cowboys maintain his rights if he decides to "un-retire" in 2 or 3 years. If the Cowboys cut him, he's a free agent. Only Jerry could come up with such an "inspired" scheme.

  6. @gerald. ding ding we have a winner in the Jerry Jones/Josh Brent question. It's all about the rights. Follow the money.

    On the Cowboys...until they can show me they can run the ball and stop the run I have zero confidence in their ability. No matter what sort of word salad Jerry produces tomorrow at 2PM, my energy level is low. Skill players like Dez are not on the field to block for Demarco. 8-8 again and rotate in a new figure head. I ain't buying what he's selling.

    Same for the little Mavs. Fine, let Dirk play out the string because trading him away or letting him go is to admit defeat. Instead of forgoing the draft how about you take a look down I-35 and see how it is done properly. Have they signed any big name free agents in recent memory? or Ever? Oh and down I-45? Good luck with that head case, yer gonna need it. Tear it down and start over Cubz. If you really want to find some financial responsibility, admit to yourself and your fans that this is going to be a long road back to prominence and stop peddling BS.

    I don't want to trade talent for rentaplayers. F the Cubs, go shop Garza somewhere else unless they are willing to take a pile of mound dirt, pay for most of his salary this season and don't bitch to much about getting a whole lotta nothing in return. Otherwise, welp see ya later.

    If we start locking up every 19-20 year old that drinks underage nobody would get pizza delivery ever again. Young and dumb. Sumlin isn't about to say something that makes him want to leave any more than he already does.

    Girl's softball? Dammit, it must be the slowest sports time of the year. The reason why she got away with having a towel is because nobody really gives a shit.

    Lots of little towns love the fact that touristas come through leave money and go away. Some of them make the bulk of their tax receipts in deer season. So while you all are heading out towards the setting sun be sure to stop off at local burgs and leave some coin behind. Just don't drive through some of them too fast or you might leave some dollars you didn't mean to part with.

    BBQ should be measured in pounds. "I ate 2 lbs of ribs, drank 4 beers and had enough beans to send me into orbit tomorrow morning. Lift off at 5AM sharp."

  7. Hehe, Fiero. Of the smaller cars, I was an MR2 fan myself.

  8. First, second, and third world are outdated terms from the Cold War. First world meant you were aligned with NATO, second world meant you were aligned with the communist bloc, and third world meant you weren't aligned with either. Calling a place third world country because they don't have running water or an air conditioner is a misuse of the term.

  9. I know you were being sarcastic, but why do people act surprised when they discover pro-wrestling is staged? I don't say "fake" because I've done it and that shit still hurts, but the outcomes are predetermined so it isn't a real sport. Whenever someone says to me "you like wrestling? you know it's fake, right?" I respond with "you like action movies? you know they're fake, right?"