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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Old American: Golf's New Challenge

   Yeah, golf's weird that way.
   As in, last Thursday at Cleburne Links I scuffed my way around a 90. And today, on a tougher course:
   Seventy Seven.
   Played this morning at the Old American Golf Club on the edge of Lake Lewisville. It's nothing like Muirfield at this week's British Open in Scotland - except for the throwback shoulder-high flagsticks, that is - but it resembles few courses in and around the Metroplex.

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  1. Fiona is naked, not going to let you talk me out of it.

  2. I believe this as much as I believe your on-air marathon claims.

  3. Dude, didn't know you were a golfer. And a decent one at that! Nice scoring there

  4. That's quite an improvement in your golf game! Going from a 90 at Cleburne Links to a 77 on a tougher course is impressive. Playing at the Old American Golf Club sounds like a unique experience, especially with the throwback shoulder-high flagsticks. It's always exciting to discover new courses that offer a different atmosphere and challenge. By the way, if you're interested in exploring new apps for your smartphone, I recommend checking out It's a trusted platform where you can find a variety of new and free apps. They make it easy to download apps with just one click. Give it a try and discover some exciting new applications to enhance your digital experiences.