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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Top 10 Whitty Observations About U.S.A 6, Belize 1 (That's Soccer)

   Ah, Belize.
   Gorgeous place. The remote, northern-most country in Central America, just a tad south of Cancun. Protected by the world's second-largest barrier reef, its water is crystal-clear green and calm, no waves crashing onto its pristine white-sand beaches. Go to the town of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye and it's like Land of the Lost, where there are no cars, tons of golf carts, only music from the '80s and exclusively Belikin beer.
   Oh yeah, did I mention soccer?
   No, and that's because Belize sucks at its national sport.
   Vacationed in Belize over Christmas 2011 and loved it. Watched the Belizeans pratfall against the U.S. on the pitch last night and was significantly less impressed.

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  1. No games at FCD Stadium because the semi-finals are at Jerryworld

  2. Awesome that you enjoyed the game. Come out to an FC Dallas game. The atmosphere is much better, maybe not quite as portland or seattle but its much better. Im sure you will like it. This saturday at 8PM we play Real Salt Lake. Winner will be at top of the Western Conference. When was the last time you went? Go check out the Beer Garden as well! I got 2 free tickets for you if you decide to go. @edwin3790

  3. Semi-Finals are at Cowboys Stadium. So that stadium will be packed if USA and Mexico make it to Semis. Which most likely it will. You know Jerry wants soccer money.

  4. If I can make an analogy since I don't know much about soccer...Is Landon Donovan playing in the US akin to if Romo was playing in the old WFL, like for Barcelona or someone? Like you're pretty good in your sport but not the best, and playing in a country that doesn't appreciate the sport?

    1. I think Donovan is good but past his prime... The level of MLS soccer is good but not great... European Soccer is MLB and MLS is Double AA. He is still good enough to compete in this level of soccer. He gets paid decent and doesnt have to live away from his family country... Plus many players want to promote soccer in the USA which is why they stay.