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Monday, July 29, 2013

At This Point Aggies Fans, Johnny Football Smells Like Benedict Arnold


   Imagine if Tony Romo finally led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, and then showed up for the parade wearing a Washington Redskins' jersey. What if Dirk Nowitzki won another title, and then celebrated by getting the San Antonio Spurs' logo tattooed on his bicep. Or fathom our American President turning out to be a Muslim.
   That slimy, turncoat feeling of betrayal is how Aggies fans must feel these days when they read the latest headline involving Johnny Manziel.
   As we've previously documented Johnny Football has deteriorated into Johnny Goofball, tarnishing what he did on the football field in 2012 with an off-season of missteps that is desecrating the fabled lore and tradition of Aggieland.
   The latest: The face of A&M football showed up a University of Texas fraternity party in Austin last weekend, and was unceremoniously kicked out. (That's him in the video, wearing the pink Polo.)

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  1. RW,
    Johnny Manziel is under more scrutiny than any heisman trophy winner in history. Social media would uncover a mountain of evidence on any 20 year old, much less the highest profile college football player.
    That being's getting embarassing to put on my maroon shirts and caps. To finally get recognition as a "powerhouse", to make a huge dent in the SEC landscape, to help launch the upcoming SEC network and all it's financial rewards, to finally stick it to T.U. in national's all slowly being undone by Johnny's continual stupidity. Whoever is "counseling" him should go get a switch and revisit corporal punishment on campus.
    What sucks is that it will only get worse if they go 6-6 and go to the Alamo Bowl...he will get crucified.
    If they may go away to some extent, but it will never be forgotten...unless they win the whole damn thing.

  2. The "president was a muslim" comment is just ridiculously stupid. I thought this country was based on freedom of religion? Or it it only the christian religion?

    1. Personally I thought it was a funny line. Bill2455

    2. I hope he does turn out to be Muslim. Imagine the heads that would explode.

  3. Manziel's 20, we keep hearing that. Winning a Heisman makes you grow up fast in a lot of people's eyes, but he still is a kid living a dream. If he wasn't playing football, he'd still have rich parents and be able to do fun things, albeit with not as much access to celebrities.
    I have a lot of Aggie friends, and when they bring him up I get to thinking what could have been at Texas, and how A&M got lucky hitting on him. I've even told a few that they should enjoy this now and be glad that the NCAA makes it hard to transfer from school to school because if Manziel could go to Texas tomorrow, he would. I love it when Manziel takes pics like this, it's fun to send them to my Aggie friends.

  4. He's just messing with people. That's a fake tattoo. That's also why he was wearing a <a href="”>Tebow jersey</a>


    I guess there's no HTML on your site...

  6. Wonder when the Ags are going to erect a statue of CASE McCoy on the campus.....What you say? Stay with me..... Thanksgiving night 2011 and the Horns and Ags are playing for the last time as conference foes (and maybe the last time ever). Ags lead late in the fourth qtr. and then Case McCoy takes off on a long scramble that sets up the winning field goal as time expires. Horns win and Ags are PISSED!!! Mike Sherman loses his job over THAT game and Sumlin is hired. You think Johnny football ever sees the field if Sherman stays? Not a chance in hell! Sherman NEVER goes before the higher ups and makes case for removing Manziel's suspension for 2012. Aggies goes 5-7 with Sherman and finish 5th in the SEC West. Nobody ever hears of JF. Case McCoy is the most valuable player in recent Aggies football history. Am I wrong?

  7. Nobody cares except people like you Richie. The Aggies don't play Texas anymore and hopefully never again. Dirty P1 Johnny has no desire to play for Texas, that boat sailed.

  8. Kevin Sumlin vs Mack Brown? Who do you think is running a cooler operation these days? Heck even Mack scraped his return to a power running game to run the Aggies offense.

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