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2005BoofedI've been "Boofed"?
2007D MagazineBeating a Dead Horse
2008UnTicketThe Hard Lie
2009Liberally LeanHaunted House
2010Jagger MafiaWhite Truck Wednesday
2011NBCColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011D MagazineColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011DeadspinColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011Huffington PostColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011CBSPulling a hammy at Cowboys Camp
2011Hardball TalkColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011Big LeadJosh Brent DUI
2012CBSMake-A-Wish Birthday Gift
2012TXA21Make-A-Wish Birthday Gift
2012RowdyTimeSportsRIP, RAGE
2013D MagazineLaunch of DFWSportatorium
2013Dallas ObserverLaunch of DFWSportatorium
2013FWS-TDeath of RAGE