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1998Fort Worth Star-TelegramNLCS Astros-Brewers
2005Avid GolferOnly The Good Die Young
2006Dallas ObserverChris Bosh Gives Back to His Hometown
2006Dallas ObserverMcDonald's Serves Up a McRat
2007Dallas ObserverIs Jon Daniels a Genius or a Boy Blunder?
2007Dallas ObserverTony Romo's Rocket Rise
2008Dallas ObserverThe Hard Lie
2008Dallas ObserverPacman Cometh
2008Dallas ObserverThe Cowboy Who Killed Those Kids
2009Dallas ObserverRuss Martin's Collapse From Cockiness
2009Dallas ObserverJerry Jones and His Billion-Dollar Ego
2009Dallas ObserverRoger Staubach Leads Dallas Into Another Super Bowl
2010Dallas ObserverThe Tragic Tale of Ron Springs
2010Dallas ObserverTalented, Temperamental Dez Bryant
2010Dallas ObserverMotorcycle Gangs Infiltrate North Texas
2012CBSPray For Rayne
2012CBSGunning For Change
2012CBSMy Birthday Make-A-Wish Come True
2013CBSLance LieStrong
2013CBSProtecting Tony Romo
2018Dallas ObserverWhere's Waldo?
2018Dallas ObserverHead Games
2018Dallas ObserverDirk is DFW's GOAT


2005Dallas ObserverNate Newton Gets Out of Prison
2006Dallas ObserverFore-Play at the Byron Nelson
2006Dallas ObserverSoccer Sucks
2006Dallas ObserverFalling in 40-Love with Anna Kournikova
2007Dallas ObserverI'm Drunk on Ron Washington
2007Dallas ObserverQuincy Carter's Next Last Chance
2007Dallas ObserverCatholic Chaos
2008Dallas ObserverCowboys Crater in Playoffs
2008Dallas ObserverRangers' All-Time Team
2008Dallas ObserverWhite Rock Marathon Cancer Survivor
2009Dallas ObserverSpecial Olympics are Indeed Special
2009Dallas ObserverNASCAR Drivers Aren't Athletes
2009Dallas ObserverMoody Madness
2009Dallas ObserverCowboys' Practice Tent Collapses
2009Dallas ObserverLovin' Lingerie Football
2010Dallas ObserverRon Washington's Crazy Cocaine Trip
2010Dallas ObserverWhat If Dirk Nowitzki Was Black?
2010Dallas ObserverSMU's Football Follies
2010Dallas ObserverRangers in the World Series. Pinch Me.
2011Dallas ObserverSuper Bowl 45 Comes to North Texas
2011Dallas ObserverMavs Finally Get Theirs
2011Dallas ObserverFallen Firefighter Tribute
2005-11Dallas ObserverArchives
2011CBSRangers' Epic World Series Collapse
2012CBSDoes God Really Bless Our Sports?
2012CBSRest in Pieces, Joe Paterno
2012CBSMatt Kenseth: Ho-Hum Hero
2012CBS8th Annual 50 Most Powerful in DFW
2012CBSBig Tex Deteriorates Into Big Ex


2008Dallas ObserverDebut
2008Dallas ObserverTop 10 Hottest Women on TV
2011Dallas ObserverColby Lewis Paternity Leave
2011Dallas ObserverRangers Fire TV Voice John Rhadigan
2011Dallas ObserverBusted: Aqib Talib
2011Dallas ObserverFarewell
2005-11Dallas ObserverArchives
2012CBSVacation: Belize
2012CBSVacation: Bahamas
2012CBSTop 10 Cowboys' MNF Games
2013CBSSuper Bowl 47
2013CBS10 Worst Rules in Sports