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Thursday, October 31, 2013

WHITT'S END: 10.31.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End:

   *From David "Arias", relatively svelte project with the Minnesota Twins in 1997, to David Ortiz, thick-'n-hearty World Series MVP in 2013. That's about as dominant an offensive post-season performance as we can remember. The Red Sox are baseball's champs mainly due to Big Gigantic Papi.

   *The biggest loser this baseball season? Bobby Valentine. He somehow took a Red Sox squad that won the World Series in 2013 and managed them to a last-place record of 69-93 in 2012. Boston was an 18/1 Vegas long-shot to win it all before the season.

   *How many among ESPN's stable of 43 baseball experts picked the Red Sox back in Spring Training? Zero. In fact, none of them predicted Boston or St. Louis in the World Series. We in the media talk a good game, but we really know nothing. Nothing at all.

   *It worked! At least for one night. Monta Ellis was Batman, Dirk Nowitzki only had to be Robin and the Mavs started anew by beating the Hawks. We're going to have to live with Ellis' careless ball-handling (8 turnovers), but the best news was that Samuel Dalembert and DeJuan Blair hit the boards and the Mavs out-rebounded Atlanta, 42-33. I don't think the Hawks will be very good. But I think the Mavs just might be decent.

   *Swear this exchange took place in my house at 4:31 a.m. Sybil: "Hey, I'm going to Wal-Mart." Me: "whatthewhatit'sfourthirty." Sybil: "For Halloween candy!"

   *One of my all-time favorite athletes officially retired last night. Allen Iverson was listed at 6-feet, 160 pounds. But I interviewed him several times, we stood eye-to-eye and I go only a smidge over 5-8. His wiry athleticism, eye-blink quickness and uncanny knack for creating and making his shot amidst giant defenders always amazed me. Pound-for-pound, he's the best player in NBA history. Four scoring titles. 2001 MVP. 11-time All-Star. 3-time steals champ. All without needing a single day of "practice."

   *I know he's hamstrung by his unit's injuries, but Monte Kiffin needs to be better. Somewhere on Bourbon Street, Rob Ryan is having a good chuckle at Dallas' defensive debacle.

   *As a kid in Duncanville we had all had a favorite Trick-or-Treat house for Halloween. The one that gave out hot, gooey popcorn balls. No way you could get away with giving that out these days.



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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WHITT'S END: 10.30.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End:

   *I've faced this reality already. That on June 12, 2011 my Mavericks might have peaked, never to be that good again. That Sunday night in Miami Jason Terry pumped in 27 points, Dirk Nowitzki was crowned NBA Finals MVP and Don Carter/Mark Cuban lifted the Larry O'Brien trophy. Since then? Splat. The Mavs haven't won a playoff game since. Last year they missed the postseason for the first time since 2000. So I can either re-watch Game 6 against the Heat, or I can stubbornly, naively believe that Dirk will get necessary help this season from newcomers Monta Ellis, Samuel Dalembert and Jose Calderon when they tip-off the 2014 season tonight against the Atlanta Hawks at AAC. I'll be watching, and I think this is a playoff team. But I know exactly where the dusty DVD is. Just in case.

   *Was watching Heat-Bulls last night when Saturday Night Live did this promo skit featuring an online dating service specifically catering to African-Americans and ... Wait, is real? What. The. What?! Like you, I'm curious about But no thanks, I fear an online KKK rally.

   *In Jason Garrett's three-year tenure the Cowboys have lost 23 regular-season games. Sadly, it was pretty easy to find 10 heart-breakers among the bunch. Sunday's kick-to-the-crotch in Detroit is high on the list, which you can peruse over at NBC 5's Blue Star Blog. Cowboys are the most maddening team in the NFL. Their losses this year? By 1. By 1. By 3 on the game's final play. And by 9, in a game they led by 11. Grumble.

   *As I've said before I'm not a "gamer," but NBA 2K14 looks friggin' awesome. Not hard to fathom how some folks would be tricked into thinking they're watching an actual game at first glance.

   *I'm thinking this is totally staged and fake. No way the audio is that clear if the "victim" wasn't miked up. The video camera just happened to be rolling on a totally boring ass street when the truck magically appeared. And that lady sure is calm and collected to be presented with such a supposedly life-threatening scene. Alas, it is Humpday White Truck Wednesday, so ... enjoy? This, unfortunately, is real: Burglars steal a bunch of stuff from a farm in a ... White Truck.

   *The Mavs' GM that was hired August 1 has already resigned before November 1. Gersson Rosas, I didn't even get the chance to learn how to spell your name. Like it or not, Donnie Nelson still wields plenty of power in Dallas' front office.

   *Despite my best efforts, I'm hating LeBron James less as a person and appreciating him more as a basketball player a little more each game.



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40 Hottest Cowboys Fans

  I'm not good at a lot of things, but I am definitely good at scouring the internet for hot chicks. As a gift to my fellow members of Cowboys Nation, I put together a list of sexy girls reppin' silver and blue. (Although the DCC are probably the best-looking supporters of the star, I didn't include them on this list for the sake of parity).

  Feel free to agree/disagree/suggest other babes in the comments section. Just wipe the keyboard when you're finished.

Honorable Mention- This Cheerleading Chihuahua

#40- Yves Nunez

#39- Rachel Starr

#38- Tori Nichole

#37- Chellee

#36- Jordan Lovestar

#35- Carmen Silguero

#34- Bridget Hall

#33- Brunette Girl

#32- Jessica Hart and Elsa Hosk

#31- Witten Girl

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WHITT'S END: 10.29.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End:

   *Apologize? For what exactly? Despite NFL Films releasing this audio of one of Dez Bryant's sideline rants Sunday in Detroit, I still maintain the receiver's demonstrative behavior was unprofessional and unacceptable. And if only me and Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware and Jason Garrett see it that way, so be it. I'm fine with that. Now, if NFL Films releases the Dez/Witten/Ware exchange from the end of the game and they're simply making positive rah-rah dinner plans, then I'll apologize. (My money says that while Witten was still trying to figure out a way to win the game with :12 remaining, Dez the "passionate competitor" was already pouting and resigned to losing.) And if Dez's demeanor was no biggie, why did his head coach pull him into a private room for a one-on-one chat after the loss to the Lions? Trust me on this, there will be a day when Dez Bryant asks for the ball in a different manner. And on that day he'll be a better receiver, and a better teammate. My latest Dez Dilemma column at NBC 5's Blue Star Blog.

   *The Boston Red Sox are going to win the World Series because of Jon Lester's left arm, David Ortiz's historically hot bat and Koji Uehara's 82-mph splitter that nobody seems to see coming and even fewer have the patience to hit. With the Rangers in the playoffs in '11 and '12, that same Uehara pitched only 2.1 innings and gave up three homers and five earned runs. Now? Unhittable.

   *Feels like Christmas this morning? Nope, not December. It's NBA Opening Day. My favorite sport featuring the world's best athletes. Best team will again be the Heat. Best story will be Derrick Rose's return. Jason Kidd now coaches Paul Pierce in Brooklyn. Dwight Howard is in Houston. Worst team will be the Philadelphia 76ers (their top draft pick Nerlens Noel won't play because of a knee injury). And somewhere in the middle of it all, Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis and the Mavs will return to 50+ wins, the playoffs and ... hit me back come April.

   *As for our little running gun debate, I offered to run the story of a knife mass murder if someone would ever email me a link. Done. And done. Guy in New York apparently stabbed to death a mom and her four kids. Horrible. So, yes, crazy people will find ways to kill regardless of the weapon. That said, I'd rather face the nut job with a knife than the one with a gun.

   *Was watching NFL Network's version of the weekend highlights and Bills-Saints came on. Jimmy Graham caught a bunch of passes including a couple of touchdowns and - I swear - this was analyst Deion Sanders' only, repeated comment: "Better pay dat man!" "Pay. Dat. Man!" "I'm tellin' ya, pay him!" Such insight. And, for what it's worth, no friggin' way Deion, even in his prime time, shuts down Calvin Johnson. Given his size and today's rules, Megatron is like Dad plowing through the 9-year-olds in the back yard. Deion could catch Johnson, but he'd never get him on the ground.



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