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Thursday, October 24, 2013

WHITT'S END: 10.24.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End:

   *Cowboys to play in London next season? Book it. Jerry Jones wants to win in England, and this is the best scenario possible: Playing a horrible team without giving up a "home" game on the schedule. Cheers. Once upon time - August, 1993 - the Cowboys played a pre-season game in Wembley Stadium. As beat writers at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Mike Fisher and I had a jolly ol' time. And, yes, I do believe the incredible dork on the right is wearing a New Order concert T-shirt.

   *You can't go out, kick the ball around, commit three errors, let an infield pop-up go untouched and expect to win a game a Cactus League game in March. Much less Game 1 of the World Series. There's no stopping the Boston Beards is there?

   *If you don't believe me about Orlando Scandrick and Doug Free being the Cowboys' best defensive back and offensive lineman through seven weeks, go ask former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus. He'll tell you the same thing. @BryanBroaddus: “@CGio8: scandrick  seems to be one of the most underrated players in this team.  He's been rock solid .” Best of DBs thru 7 games. 6:32am · 23 Oct 13 · Twitter for iPhone. But knowing some of you guys y'all probably think you know more football than him as well. Right?

   *David Smoak is a good man, a great cook and a radio lifer. Until 2009 he owned East Texas via his hub in Tyler. These days he's the man in Central Texas. As of last week his show based on 1660 AM in Waco is being simulcast on ESPN affiliates all the way from Round Rock and College Station to Cleburne and Fort Worth (on 1460 AM). Good for him.

   *How far has Tim Tebow fallen? (And Vince Young, for that matter.) Instead of him, in the wake of Sam Bradford's season-ending injury the Rams called a 44-year-old grandfather who hasn't played football in three years. Yep, Brett Favre. And to think, I used to debate folks on here who tried to convince me that Tebow was a better quarterback than Tony Romo.



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  1. Common mistake buddy. A before E in caeser salad/dressing.

    Good luck with the buzz bizz.

    1. When correcting someone's spelling, you should be sure that you are right. It's spelled Caesar.


    2. Agreed. My bad. Did it on the fly. Didn't open a business and present a menu after having numerous people read the copy, approve the copy, print the copy, and post the copy to the web. My deepest apologies Hope. Hope I did some good for the business though. Just trying to help.....bitch.

    3. And since you're obviously the one who dicked it up the first time, pass along the Smirmoff correction posted below as well. Not everyone is against RW Hope, but you make it goddamned hard not to be.

  2. *As someone who was at the WS game in Arlington where Pujols hit three homers on us and made my life miserable - I invoke the power of Failure Jesus on the Cardinals. Oh wait, after watching last night's game I think someone beat me to it. Did you love the turnover call of that out at second base? That was pretty cool they didn't let that bad call stand and ruin the integrity of the whole game. The only thing missing was as shot of Stephen King in the stands cheering on his Sox...if you haven't read his book "Faithful" I highly recommend it. I'm a baseball fan and a King fan and it is greatness.

    *I live in Waco and 1660 AM is the only other sports station saved in my presets besides the Fan. I get to hear great national games as well as hometown games on Friday nights :) The only thing I could do without is the weekend morning fishing show lol It's relaxing and enjoyable to do but boring to listen to people talk about.

    *I was a Tebow hater because of his celebrity status not matching his on-field I just feel bad for him. He is everyone's favorite punch line and it's not like he was a bad guy, just not the best at his job. I now channel that hatred to Johnny M - who seems like a bad guy but one who is good at his job.

    *I know you catch some flack from people who think your business venture will fail - but I know you don't concern yourself with that noise. If you're trying something new I say good luck to you and don't forget the most important thing is to ask for help when you need it. I live too far away and don't drink beer so I can't support you as a consumer, but I'm rooting for you all the same.

    *Big 12 is not on the same level as SEC I understand that, but can someone please give Baylor a little credit for turning a laughable football program into one that actually has some chance at success? Also, no way Art Briles jumps ship to a sinking UT team - especially once our new big ass stadium is finished!

    *Richie Witt, if you have any friends left at the Fan, can you please tell them that overuse of the word "butt hurt" makes me want to drive to DFW and slap some people? It's a horrible expression for someone who has gotten their feelings hurt - yeah, I get it, its supposed to be funny...but it isn't. For me, as a visual thinker, it conjures images of Deliverance and man rape.

    Lindsey in Waco (still not a Baptist)

    1. For the most part people want others to succeed. Only the classless shitheads who have done nothing with their lives root for failure. Kinda like hoping your ex dies in a car crash (okay, maybe not that bad....unless she took the house, car, and the dogs).

      All the best with the bizz. And one more. Online order form: Smirmoff.

      Little by little.

    2. Great to hear David Smoak on 1460am!! Today their Morning Show had an awesome interview with the Head Football Coach of the Venus Bulldogs! And their "Trade Fair Show" from 9-11am is a hoot!

  3. Wow, that pic of you and Mike Fisher is....awesome!

    Richie looks like that guy from that Lizard Lick towing show!

    1. More like a Flock of Seagulls reject

      Keller Mike

    2. Pizzabuzz website looks good. Hope it works out for ya.....


  4. If the girls in the pic deliver the pizza I'll order!

  5. You should hire Grubes & Greggo to deliver pizzas. That's about all they are qualified to do and maybe not even that.

  6. Yes. Hire Greggo as a driver. There will be the day that he delivers a pizza 90 minutes late.

    The day he suddenly needs to leave work during the middle of his shift because of a bizarre ailment.

    The day he rambles incoherently to customers.

    The day he claims he can't deliver pizzas because he doesn't drive.

    The day he delivers half-empty beers to costumers while touting his sobriety.

    The day all the dollar bills from his tips are found rolled up and laying on a mirror in the bathroom.

    Then when he is fired, there will be the day all the rednecks claim the only reason Pizza Buzz ever sold a single meal was because Greggo worked there.

    Then there will be the day Richie writes 10,000 words on how Greggo caused the company to fail.

    1. That's why he won't be hired. Because of those dominoes could fall. Lol.

  7. Broaddus is one of the few football opinions in this media market that actually carries some credibility. No fluff and full of facts and he really knows his stuff. But I will disagree with him on Scandrick. Carr's stats are better (tackles, passes defended and picks), and Carr has been getting assigned the chore of handling the best receiver in man coverage and has done a great job. Is Scandrick the most welcome surprise? Yes. Exceeded expectations? Absolutely. But no way he has performed better or been as valuable as Carr throughout the season.