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Thursday, October 3, 2013

WHITT'S END: 10.3.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End

  *Wednesday's firing of Rangers' bench coach Jackie Moore alerts us as to who is really in charge in Arlington these days: Jon Daniels. Moore was a long-time Nolan Ryan guy. A baseball lifer. A 70-something whose seen 5,000+ games from the dugout alongside the likes of Whitey Herzog, Billy Martin and Lou Pinella. But the GM apparently wants sitting beside manager Ron Washington someone more like, well, the GM. A younger guy with a statsier approach. Daniels wants science and scouting over guts and guile. Tell that to Joe Torre, who won four titles in the Yankees' dugout with Don Zimmer in his hip pocket. Like Zimmer, Moore still thinks WAR is something to be avoided, not studied. Besides, who is Wash gonna hug from now on after wins? Probably his pack of cigs.

   *Been telling you for a month or so that Randy Galloway's radio days were numbered. Now we know the exact number: 3. Galloway, a DFW media icon for 50 years, will do his regular shift on 103.3 FM ESPN Thursday, Friday and then hang up his microphone after Monday afternoon's 3-6 p.m. show. I'm told sidekick Matt Mosley will get a new partner for the prime-time slot starting next week. Who it be? Stay tuned.

   *I got an idea: Let's NOT tailgate in a Cowboys' jersey before they play Chargers in San Diego.

   *Went to the Office Depot on Highway 377 in Watauga yesterday in search of a computer, etc. for our Pizza Buzz office. Me: "So, um, what's the difference between this one and that one?" Associate in red shirt: "Hmm. Let me see ... Well, I don't think anything." Really? Because the price between the computers was $100. In hamburger money that's like $3. A burger for $7 better be a whole different - hopefully better - than the one for $4. Even more frustrating, after 20 minutes figuring out which one was best for us, yep, you guessed it ... neither one was in stock. Bought the display out-of-box at a big discount and am hoping for the best. By the way, Dead & Gone: Desktop computer "towers." Now they're just somehow "built in" to the monitor. Freaky.

   *Tell me again that baseball doesn't over-celebrate. The Rays have already enjoyed three champagne parties - clinching tiebreaker, winning tiebreaker, winning Wild Card - before the first pitch of the ALDS.

   *The Cowboys are 2-0 at home. Amazingly, they haven't started 3-0 since the days of Aikman, Emmitt, Deion, Texas Stadium and Prince. Yep, 1999. One of the reasons? AT&T Stadium - where the Cowboys are 20-15 - just  isn't an intimidating place. I discuss over at NBC 5's Blue Star Blog.



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  1. The last time the Cowboys played the Patriots, Scandrick pretty much shut down Welker. But, slowing down all the options seems highly unlikely. I'm surprised the line isn't larger.

  2. I think the firing of bench coach Jackie Moore and first base coach Dave Anderson is also a shot across the bow of Ron Washington. It's definately Jon Daniels exerting his will.....but I don't see how firing those guys will help that much. Mr. Daniels better start working on his lineup for next year with an emphasis on guys who will be BATTING and PITCHING.

    FYI Richie, you probably didn't need to go and buy a new computer at Office Depot to run a Pizza probably could have secured a great used machine from either Ebay or Craigslist that would have had Windows 7 on will find Windows 8 probably not to your liking.

    Richie if you are going to place your bet on the Broncos minus the points, I say go for broke....I think the Brocos -8 is a GREAT line....I would take the Broncos -14.... Is it too late to up that bet to $2000 to get ahead on a sure-fire winner??

    One of the most probable statistics is that there is other life in the universe....and I think it is COMPLETELY ludicrous that man even considers himself the top of the UNIVERSAL food chain.....we are just babes in the crib compared to some of the advanced forms of life that no doubt exist.


  3. Matt Mosely an his new partner - meh.

    Thugs - at what point does assaulting some guy because he's wearing a jersey you don't like sound good?

    Over-celebrating - I wish it was the Rangers over-celebrating...

    Cowboys - haven't started 3-0 since 1999, and their streak will remain intact since Denver is going to kick them around like an injured schoolchild Sunday.

    Other forms of life - just like the defending champ is the defending champ until someone beats them, we're the top dog until another form of life shows up and proves otherwise. Congratulations. Enjoy your championship belt.

    Broncos (-8) - You should have bet more.

  4. -I guess I don't know enough about baseball management, wait, I know nothing, so I'll leave it to the professionals. Dave Anderson was kind of a no brainer to me, I mean I don't want to blame Ian and Elvis getting picked off on Anderson, but if we can find someone that can say "BACK" like .5 seconds faster, I'm all for it.

    -tailgating is safer for college games. At least there, you know a majority of people went to college or are enrolled. For professional sports, you never know who you're dealing with(I'm talking to you prison tattoo guy)

    -Office computers are a crap shoot. When all things are similar, I go with the cheaper one and get a two year warranty. If something happens, just get it replaced. That gets trickier if you need your computer for a 365 day operation, I'd keep a backup ready just in case. Aren't food business fun? 7 days a week, yay!

    -that nasa thing is mindblowing. Are they counting the sand in the bottom of the ocean too? But not the sand in the desert?

    1. +1 on the computer. Richie - The IT portion is just as important as the pies coming out of the oven. If you are waiting this late to purchase a PC have you lined up and integrated your Point-of-Sale system?

  5. Daniels..I will always remember he let Napoli, Josh and Young go, and thought Berkman was an alternative. We should have fired em all, cept Nolan.

    1. You've got to be kidding. You wanted Hamilton and Young to stay? Good Lord.

  6. Yep, where's where you fail Pizza Buzz right off the bat. As a gentleman said up top, if you didn't by a business computer from a business supplier, you bought a home computer. Fail # 1. If it's running Windows 8. Major Fail # 2. If you bought an all-in-one, which is sounds like you did. Fail # 3. They have a higher hard drive failure rate than a standard business tower. Also with an all-in-one, say the monitor fails during business, you can't just swap the monitor with a spare one and keep running with the hard drive. If one piece fails, it ALL fails and your're down. Also, if you sign up for that shit they peddle now with Windows 8, that being cloud based user applications, it means you no longer "load" the software. It runs remotely from Microsoft servers and just reaches out to open your files. It fucking SUCKS big time. Future Fail # 4. Lastly, if it is a home computer, and you're using it for business, you could face licensing issues with Microsoft (or whomever) as those programs can not be used (even though they are) for a business. Possible Fail # 5.

    Want to see you make it buddy. Just keep these things in mind. And if there's one thing I can leave you with it's this....BACK UP EVERYTHING...DAILY. Doctor friend of mine never backed up shit with his practice. Goes in one day to find both his servers fried. He had paper back-up, but everything he had in the servers for 8 years...."poof"....gone. It's just dumb not to. Either with a backup program or to another hard drive. And make sure it's something you take home or is off site. Makes no sense to backup to something locally and then have it either stolen and burned in a fire.

    Good luck!

  7. Richie, I don't want to shit on your new business venture, but you messed up on the computer part. You need to be anal about your equipment. You need a workstation, not a PC from Fry's or wherever you went. I can promise that you will have issues, especially when you run non user-friendly Windows 8.

  8. This is so funny reading about RW and his business venture. Well thought out obviously. Obviously he has started well as he is getting all of his IT, point of sale, and computer advice from unknowns lurking on his web site. Brilliant! Perhaps there are some tax attorneys here; labor lawyers, pizza cooks, insurance experts, and others to help in this great adventure.

    1. Best advice is to get it from people who have done it shithead. I bet your fully capable of being your own boss, huh fuckface? Now get back to work. Your smoke break is over.

  9. hahaha, all these commenters schooling RW on business 101. Just b/c you have money to start a business RW, doesn't mean you have the know how to start one.