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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

40 Hottest Cowboys Fans

  I'm not good at a lot of things, but I am definitely good at scouring the internet for hot chicks. As a gift to my fellow members of Cowboys Nation, I put together a list of sexy girls reppin' silver and blue. (Although the DCC are probably the best-looking supporters of the star, I didn't include them on this list for the sake of parity).

  Feel free to agree/disagree/suggest other babes in the comments section. Just wipe the keyboard when you're finished.

Honorable Mention- This Cheerleading Chihuahua

#40- Yves Nunez

#39- Rachel Starr

#38- Tori Nichole

#37- Chellee

#36- Jordan Lovestar

#35- Carmen Silguero

#34- Bridget Hall

#33- Brunette Girl

#32- Jessica Hart and Elsa Hosk

#31- Witten Girl


  1. #34 FOR ME PLEASE!

    1. Bridget Hall. Old school Sports Illustrated! ;)

  2. Left Handed Stranger loves the Tara Reid Looking Girl and Levy Tran. Keep the hot girls coming. Like you say...Eat My Chili.

  3. Figured Amber would been #1.. she has had so much dick in her you can call her a dick cup lol... what player hasn't had that least once...

  4. Never made it past #40. Pass the tissues please.

  5. Being a chick, I couldn't care less about the girls but Syb's names are great.."Cowboy Hat Girl", "Tara Reid looking girl", "brunette girl"

    1. Thanks, Sister. Those were the unfortunate few I couldn't track down links for. ;)

  6. #12 and #14 is most sexiest and I love the most #12 has some sexy legs

  7. I love my Cowboys women they the sexiest