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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

40 Hottest Cowboys Fans

  I'm not good at a lot of things, but I am definitely good at scouring the internet for hot chicks. As a gift to my fellow members of Cowboys Nation, I put together a list of sexy girls reppin' silver and blue. (Although the DCC are probably the best-looking supporters of the star, I didn't include them on this list for the sake of parity).

  Feel free to agree/disagree/suggest other babes in the comments section. Just wipe the keyboard when you're finished.

Honorable Mention- This Cheerleading Chihuahua

#40- Yves Nunez

#39- Rachel Starr

#38- Tori Nichole

#37- Chellee

#36- Jordan Lovestar

#35- Carmen Silguero

#34- Bridget Hall

#33- Brunette Girl

#32- Jessica Hart and Elsa Hosk

#31- Witten Girl


  1. #34 FOR ME PLEASE!

  2. Left Handed Stranger loves the Tara Reid Looking Girl and Levy Tran. Keep the hot girls coming. Like you say...Eat My Chili.

  3. Figured Amber would been #1.. she has had so much dick in her you can call her a dick cup lol... what player hasn't had that least once...

  4. Never made it past #40. Pass the tissues please.

  5. Being a chick, I couldn't care less about the girls but Syb's names are great.."Cowboy Hat Girl", "Tara Reid looking girl", "brunette girl"

    1. Thanks, Sister. Those were the unfortunate few I couldn't track down links for. ;)

  6. #12 and #14 is most sexiest and I love the most #12 has some sexy legs

  7. I love my Cowboys women they the sexiest