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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Next Great American Golfer? Yep, He's From Dallas.

   Here comes Jordan Spieth!
   Actually, if you've been paying attention, he's been here a while.
   Spieth, a 19-year-old who attended Dallas' Jesuit High School, rallied for a dramatic victory Sunday in the John Deere Classic to become the youngest golfer to win a PGA event in 82 years. Spieth, who'll turn 20 on July 27, is the fourth-youngest PGA winner ever and the youngest since some dude named Ralph Guldahl won something called the Santa Monica Open back in something called 1931.
   It's very cool. But it shouldn't at all be surprising.
   Some of us saw this coming years ago.

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  1. Eldrick may or may not pass Jack's 18, but Jordan has the game to win more than both of 'em!

  2. Lmao.. chill. He won a tournament with average golfers. Give the kid some time before acting like he is the next tiger

  3. Funny anonym-anus, but I said that he has the game (potential) to do it & it's based on watchin' him at Jesuit & UT, not just winning a tourney. You can't deny that he has more class than Tigger did at 19 or even now for that matter! Daddy Woods was a prick & groomed Junior to be the same, sadly.