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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will Matt Garza Crack Jon Daniels' Top 3 Deadline Deals For Your Texas Rangers?

   The Texas Rangers are better equipped to make a deep playoff run today than they were yesterday. And, after all, isn't that the point?
   Some people save their pennies for a rainy day. The Rangers, meanwhile, have for years stockpiled one of baseball's best farm systems for a trade day. In acquiring front-line pitcher Matt Garza from the Chicago Cubs, the Rangers loudly re-iterated the philosophy we all want to hear:
   Win now. Worry about the future later.
   Garza is a stud, a fierce competitor who has been the best pitcher in baseball since June 15 (5-0, 1.24 ERA). He'll make his first start in Arlington tomorrow night against the Yankees and, if all goes well, line up behind Yu Darvish and ahead of Derek Holland in Texas' post-season rotation.
   "He's an extremely talented pitcher," said Rangers' GM Jon Daniels. "He's had success in the toughest divisions and the biggest stages. He was throwing the ball as well as anybody right now. He has a power repertoire, who is something that's a little different from what we've got. And he was available. He was, in our opinion, the best guy on the market and we wanted to go out and make a push to get him."
   The deal wasn't, however, a slam dunk.

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  1. I can't see another trade trumping #1 simply because you got the best SS in baseball(defensively) and Nefty was pretty solid for a couple of years. I haven't been a big Harrison fan because I just don't trust him.

    1. Might be the best trade in all of DFW sports history. Maybe behind Tractor Traylor-for-Dirk.

    2. Better than Herschel Walker to Minnesota? Come on now.

  2. not only did Lee get you to a World Series, Beaven and Smoke have not really panned out. We had no room for Olt really, he was going to get bounced around position wise, but if Garza wins 5 or 6 of his starts and we make the playoffs, what Olt does down the road doesn't matter. Now let's go get a bat, and make that run to October a memorable one