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Monday, July 29, 2013

Yeah, About Floyd Mayweather Showing Up in Rockwall ...

   So how'd Floyd Mayweather's boxing camp go in Rockwall over the weekend?
   It didn't, of course. Canceled.
   File this one in the folder labeled "If It Sounds To Good To Be True ..." Because remember, as I warned you a couple weeks ago, it smelled fishy from the start.
   The hype promised members of Mayweather's camp - and possibly the undefeated boxer himself - would conduct a two-day camp at the Rockwall Elite Boxing Club. Cool idea. But I wasn't buying what the gym was selling. From this here blog on July:
   ... the thought of Money Mayweather conducting a two-day clinic in, of all places, Rockwall, Texas just seems a tad preposterous.
   Sure enough last Wednesday, just two days before the scheduled camp, it was canceled. Because of "scheduling conflicts." The press release promises the camp will be re-scheduled after Mayweather's title fight against Canelo Alvarez on Sept. 14.
   And, yep, there's another hint about "Money" himself attending.
   Again, I think it's a good gym with great intentions. But ... we'll believe it when we see it.

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  1. Zero comments so I felt sorry enough to add one...this blog is getting very poor hits since the big reaveal. How surprising.