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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

April: Umps Giveth to Joe Nathan; July: Umps Taketh Away From Joe Nathan

   Joe Nathan slipped. And the Rangers fell.
   Weird night at the Ballpark.
   Seeing the Rangers' almost-automatic closer (31 of 32 save opportunities entering the game) fall and fail was as rare as Dirk Nowitzki missing consecutive free throws (87% career) or Dan Bailey missing an extra point (76 of 76 in career).
   Just doesn't happen.
   But it did.
   And, because of it, the Rangers lost a 5-4 game to an underwhelming, unrecognizable New York Yankees' lineup featuring guys named Melky Mesa, Eduardo Nunez, Brent Lillibridge and Austin Romine. You expect to see them wearing numbers in the 60s during Spring Training exhibitions, not producing key at-bats against an All-Star reliever in late July.
   Problems started in the 9th when Nathan got squeezed by home-plate umpire Kerwin Danley.

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  1. I will not be a baseball apologist. I love the game, but there are too many ways to manipulate it, so having some kind of order would be nice. 3 straight balls to Leonys Martin, 3!!!! A couple of Yankees fans on my FB said hey, you still have to swing the bat....come on. I enjoy the pitch tracker, as it gives you a pretty good idea where the ump's zone is. I didn't watch the entire game, so I'm not sure what his consistency was.
    The Joe Nathan 300th save was a gimme.
    Mariano is greatness and even this year, 32 saves isn't shabby. His and Nathan's stats mirror each other and he could probably keep it up(Rivera) for at least a couple more years.
    Closers mess up, hopefully this will be Nathan's last fuckup of the year.

  2. I just wished baseball would take the time and enact the science to get its calls right. Seems simple.