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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Final Member of RAGE Officially Leaving 105.3 The Fan

   And then there were none.
   As in, members of RAGE left on 105.3 The Fan after Armen Williams put in his two weeks' notice last Friday.
   Can't tell you where "Guns Up!" Armen is headed until mid-August, but I can tell you he is the only member of RAGE to leave The Fan on his own terms. Yours truly, Greggo and Sybil Summers were fired April 15, with Sybil catching on recently with 103.7 KVIL.
   The email sent from program director Gavin Spittle to his Fan staff:
Huge congratulations to Armen Williams, producer at the Fan who has accepted a management job for a radio station outside of Texas. Armen has been with us since 2009 and has been the ultimate team player. Always tough losing great teammates like Armen but at the same time, I’m so excited for him to take on this new opportunity managing a radio station, something that he has strived to do.Armen will be here until August 9th so join me in congratulating him.  Huge congrats Armen!!
   I met Armen, who for the last couple months has been a producer of the Elf & Slater Show, when I first started working weekends on The Fan in January 2009. He was one of my first board ops and, truth be told, I paid him to burn those tapes.
   Since then I'm been lucky to call him a co-worker and a friend, even though I dubbed his daughter "Weezie" and my backyard stole his Texas Tech class ring.
    Radio's a slimy business, but he's one of the good peeps.


  1. If a tree falls down in the woods...and nobody's around to hear it...does it still make a noise?

  2. Good for him. He has always seemed like a hard working guy and genuinely nice. Met him a couple of times when he worked Roughrider games, man that guy has energy. Good luck Armen.

  3. Armen is a great guy. I enjoyed learning from him every day during my time at The Fan. I wish him the best.

  4. Looks like everyone from rage is bouncing back nicely.....but you.

  5. RaGE could have worked. If they had stayed 11-2, only three hours, it would have worked. 5 hours was way too long. Too long to get on each others nerves, too long to get exposed. Bad decision coach, bad decision!

  6. Like all the members or RAGE Armen had nothing. DFW Radio is better off without him. Good riddance

    1. Well said Carlton Maxwell! Armen was a racist piece of you know what, who thought was funny and cool. Good riddance a real Guilty SOB!!!! Nobody will miss that MOFO