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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Stars' New Star May Bring Luster - or at Least Lust - Back to Dallas

   There was a time - almost 15 years ago all the sudden - when the place to see and be seen in Dallas was, yep, a Stars' game. Celebrities in the front row near the ice and their female accessories displaying, um, enhanced assets on the glass.
   The Stars won. The joint was jumpin'. In a town married to trends, it was the scene.
   But long gone are the playoffs and Mike Modano and everything else that attracted us to ice hockey in the sun belt.
   The Stars have new management and a roster in the process of being totally re-shaped, but one recent acquisition might bring some luster - or at least lust - back to American Airlines Center.

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  1. still not as good as Jean Jacques "@JacquesTaylor if u get yo ass home on time and shove some pussy in my face i will pick u up some wings"

  2. Hockey season can't get here fast enough. By that time of year the effing sweatfest has ended.

    I do not like the new sweaters or logo. Rebranding sucks sometimes.

    "My account got hacked." is the new "Check is in the mail."

    Maybe now that Loui is in a high profile location, read East Coast, he will get some of the rating he has been woefully under on.

    21 year old millionaire goes out and parties. Imagine that.