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Monday, July 29, 2013

Rangers' Reaction to Massive Slump: Trade Joe Nathan?

   The Rangers are mired in a massive, season-staining offensive drought. They're scoring less than Johnny Manziel at a UT frat party.
   It's bad. Real bad. And it's caused the Rangers to get mad, call meetings and ... consider trading their best player.
   As the Rangers return home tonight to face the Anaheim Angels - with a .220-hitting Josh Hamilton and without injured Albert Pujols - they'll drag with them one of their worst slumps in franchise history. Their offense has dried up worse than Betty White's uterus.
   The listless bats bottomed-out in Cleveland over the weekend. Back-to-back shutouts. No runs in 21 innings. Only eight hits in their last 68 at-bats. They're 2-8 since the All-Star break, punctuated by Mitch Moreland's 2-for-36 funk.
   Add it all up and the Rangers are suddenly as close to third place as they are to first, trailing the Oakland A's by six games.

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  1. fact is they are were not going to pick up his option next year so if and only IF you can get a very good bat under contract for next year... you do it in a heartbeat at this point. Nathan has been good closing games but he hasn't exactly been lights out doing it. Soria can step in for the remainder of the year. If they are not going to score runs.. then it doesn't matter who the closer is. They NEED offense.... the NEED a bat.

  2. The best part of this was following the link on the Tanner Scheppers story and discovering that Cleveland calls itself "The Paris of the Midwest" ...

  3. "Their offense has dried up worse than Betty White's uterus."

    Proud of that one? Dont force it, let the game come to you a little bit.

    It's ok, Babe Ruth stuck out plenty. Keep plugging away, im sure this week will end with more hits than whiffs like that one.

    1. Agreed. Almost everyone loves Betty, mainly because she's a funny old broad.

  4. Trade him if the return is good. This thing looks to be just about done. I wonder if there is any bad juju in the room over Nelson Cruz?

    Does Sybil know that you have direct knowledge about Betty's dried up hey nanner nanner?

  5. The Rangers pen is definitely a strength this year, so it makes sense to see what they could get for Nathan. Soria, Scheppers, or Cotts could all fill-in at closer if Nathan Leaves. I think it's also possible the Rangers are targeting another starting pitcher. The Tigers have been heavily rumored to be interested in relief help and may not be done even after dealing today for Houston's closer. I think the Rangers could get Rick Porcello from them, a groundball pitcher they were linked to before the season who would greatly benefit from a change from Detroit's dreadful infield defense to Texas.