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Monday, July 8, 2013

Adrian Beltre: AL Player of the Week

   In the immortal words of Adrian Beltre ... Ohhhhhh Sheeeeeeeeeet!
   As in, cool, the Texas Rangers' third baseman was just this afternoon named the American League's Player of the Week.
   It's the fourth such award for Beltre, who last week against the Seattle Mariners and Astros hit .478 with five RBI and four homers, including a solo shot in Sunday's 5-4 win over Houston. And, of course, on July 4 Beltre produced his own fireworks show at The Ballpark with two homers against Seattle.
   As evidenced by yesterday's violent back slap of Elvis Andrus, he still doesn't like his head touched - even after dingers. And, until further notice, he'll never live down the Angels' dugout microphone picking up his classic celebration after a Mike Napoli homer in 2011.


  1. Go Beltre!
    What's the story behind this pic?

    1. During the first round of the playoffs against the Rays in 2010, Beltre had a multi homer game and the TBS camerman was following him down the third base line toward home and lost his balance and busted his ass. Beltre noticed and pointed toward the guy.