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Monday, July 1, 2013

The 20 Best Players in the History of Your Texas Rangers

   He played in the Rangers’ first three playoff series. Won a record 13 Gold Gloves as a catcher. Holds the Major League record with 2,377 games caught, started 12 All-Star Games and won seven Silver Slugger Awards. In an era where the league average for throwing out base-runners was 31 percent, eight times he led baseball by gunning down more than 50 percent.
   In 1999, he was the American League Most Valuable Player. And from the time he arrived in Arlington as a 19-year-old in 1991 he set the standard for Rangers’ catchers past, present and future.
   Johnny Bench might have been a better defensive catcher. Mike Piazza better offensively. But there’s never been a better Ranger than …
   Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.
   My Top 20 all-time Texas Rangers ...
20. Alex Rodriguez - If he wasn't a 'roided-up a-hole he'd be much higher
19. Jeff Burroughs - '74 AL MVP
18. Julio Franco - '91 batting champ with .341 average
17. Frank Howard - Hit first homer at Arlington Stadium, then 245 as Ranger
16. Will Clark - Grinding first baseman on Texas' first two division champs


  1. Can't say I disagree with this list other than two minor things. Woulda put Young in front of Juando and according to a previous list woulda put Iverson ahead of ARod. Pound for pound he woulda been better since he was ahead of Russell and Wilt in a previous list.

    The Volume Shooter
    aka NTDSLARS

  2. Nolan ment more than Wetteland ever did.

  3. Beltre > Bell, Nolan is top 5

  4. a-fraud wasnt here long enough clsrk will always be known as a giant wetteland as a yankee we need jeff russell pete obrian steve bueshelle jeff frye long time rangers not rent a players and rusty needs to be top 5

  5. Tomorrow...Barry vs. Emmitt.

    Wednesday...the DH: Yes or No.

  6. 90 complete games for Fergie Jenkins. That must have been some weed he was smoking that year.

    Great job Witless!

  7. stick w/b-ball, cause you don't know jack about baseball.

  8. Buddy Bell could have made this list 5 years ago. Not today. Not even close.

  9. "20. Alex Rodriguez - If he wasn't a 'roided-up a-hole he'd be much higher"

    Then your top 5 contains 3 noted juicers.

    Bad decision, coach.