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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Peak-a-Boo: If You Need Me the Next Two Days, I'll Be on a Mountain.

   For those of you who've long wanted me to go jump off a cliff, you're about to get your wish.
   If DFWSportatorium is a little thin the next couple days it's because I don't think there's hi-speed Internet at the tops of 14,000+-foot mountains. I'm flying this morning to Denver, Colorado with an old high-school buddy who'll join me journeying into the heart of the Rocky Mountains.
   By Wednesday morning around 4 a.m. we'll begin our ascent up Humbolt Peak, elevation 14,064 feet.
   Always wanted to climb a mountain. But first I think I'll just hike up one.

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  1. Be safe, the other side benefit not mentioned, you will save money on whisky at 14,000 ft. Bill2455

  2. Please jump twitt please

    1. I can never figure out WHY people follow or read people they don't like, wish them ill will or leave nasty comments but don't have the balls to do it under their own name. Sad.

    2. well said Bill2455

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Heidi. And don't pay people like "Mario" no mind. He so hates me that he's here. Every day. Thanks again. Gonna post some good pics hopefully.

  4. Heidi,

    Why are you getting your panties in a wad? Whitt is not very well liked whether by the general public or media types. What rock are you living under sweetheart?

  5. Enjoy it. I have a friend in Central City, it's only 8000 feet up and it's an experience for someone at sea level most of their lives. Come back safe and piss off the trolls.