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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

White Truck Wednesday: 7.24.13

   My theory, as most do, began simply as an observation, sparked by an annoyance.
   Driving Metroplex freeways - mainly 75 south from Collin County toward Dallas - I began noticing more and more a certain type of vehicle causing me the most anxiety. The white pickup.
   White trucks riding cars' bumpers, the drivers regularly pounding on their steering wheels for traffic to part for their apparently more important path. White trucks dangerously swerving in and out of congestion, often illegally using the shoulder as their personal passing lane. And white trucks, manned by a single driver, arrogantly and unlawfully using the HOV lane.
   Consider this my weekly ode to white trucks, the most aggressive, dangerous and soulless vehicles on our roadways ...
   Traffic sucks. But you know what's worse than traffic? Traffic caused by construction.
   At this point, I've forgotten what it's like to leave my house in McKinney and hop onto Highway 75 without first navigating closed entrance ramps and detours and rock piles and orange barrels and winding, temporary ramps lined by concrete barriers and littered with potholes left by two-ton construction trucks.
   Since January 2012 I haven't been able to leave or enter my neighborhood without taking a detour.
   This story in Dallas' Only Daily from more than a year ago promised relief by January. January of 2012, that is. Nope. It's now July 2013, and there still is no Eldorado access from the 121/75 interchange and the exit off 75 detours you through the Albertson's parking lot.
   Seriously, it's criminal.
   Frustrated as I get, I feel for businesses along Eldorado. Where I once frequented a Smoothie King, I now steer clear of the construction-congested area.
   But there is good news. The $106 million project is supposed to be completed in July ... of 2015.
   On to this week's White Truck madness ...

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  1. Can we please for the love of Greggo, stop with the whole White Truck Wednesday nonsense? It is failed, failed, failed. I admire you trying to fight through it and try to make it work, but it just hasn't.

    1. You can always omit reading the blog. Just a suggestion.

    2. Again, DFWSportatorium is a buffet. I don't expect you to love everything I put out under the sneeze guard. Eat what you like and leave the rest alone if you wish. Or, do you go to the manager of the salad bar screaming "Get those carrots outta here!"?

  2. Love it, Richie! Even our kids acknowledge White Truck Wednesday.

    1. Thanks. I hear it enough in here, on Twitter and out and about to keep it going. Plus the stats say people click on it. Tell your kids to beware.

  3. Richie's sister?^

  4. Does anyone know why GIML has become a ghost town?

  5. White is the most popular paint color for American automobiles. Coincedence, I think not.