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Monday, July 22, 2013

My Top 10 Whitty Comments on a Weekend in New Braunfels, Texas

   Spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country. A little tennis, a little sun and a whole lot of water.
   And, yeah, some fun.

   10. I told you Friday in Whitt's End what a debacle it can be trying to find a parking spot in "downtown" Gruene. And then there's the wait for a table at Gristmill and the ... forget it. Go a couple steps toward the river and find a delicious alternative called Cantina Del Rio. The place has Tex-Mex, ginormous chile burgers, Jarritos Mexican mandarin soda, an efficient ordering line, plenty of patio seating and, best of all, its own parking.

   9. Yesterday on the Guadalupe someone in the Richie-Sybil group flashed someone else, and lost their sunglasses in the process. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.

   8. Before checking in to John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch Friday afternoon, we spent the morning at Schlitterbahn water park. Best ride: Dragon's Revenge. Worst ride: Can't believe we stood in the sun for 90 minutes waiting to ride in a giant raft for less than 90 seconds. "The Wolfpack" is a decent ride, but What The What?!

   7. If you're considering floating the river, don't forget that these days styrofoam is forbidden. As are ziploc bags, disposable water bottles and individually wrapped candy bars. To the tune of a $500 fine. Basically if you can't re-use it, don't take it. That's free advice from the dorks who packed all of the above in a, yep, styrofoam ice chest. We were able to rent a collapsible cooler for $25, then promptly left it in Rockin' R's van. Well-played by us. Bravo. Really smart.

   6. Lots of animals on our excursion. Sybil counted four deer, including one that skipped across the river. We saw a gazillion turtles floating along with us. And bees, my God the bees. They're everywhere. Harmless, but prevalent. Then last night - after bypassing Austin via Toll Road 130 on the way down - we decided to go home via the shorter, scenic route through the city. (Sunday night at 8:15 proved traffic-free.) Our treat? A nice sunset view of the Capitol and a breath-taking glance at the 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats leaving their home under the Congress Avenue bridge for a night of hunting. If you haven't seen it, you need to.

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  1. Your article makes me regret, once again, moving from south Texas to here. You can't tube the Guadalupe all the time but being able to decide you're going to dinner in Gruene or take a 2.5 hour drive to the coast or 1 hour drive to Austin is always a nice option to have.
    #4 made me giggle.

    1. #4 had me rolling yesterday when he told the story as we floated down the river. The visual of him crowded into the same tube as the ice chest is priceless. Plus, he had to be beermaster the whole trip since he was blocking the cooler!

  2. Hope your Vag is alright Richie.

  3. Your writing about other people is interesting. When writing about yourself...not so much. I would skip the travelogue/diary. It's kind of embarrassing.


    1. I appreciate your feedback Bill. Not saying I'm going to adhere to it, but I do appreciate it. My blog is a buffet. Not everyone is going to like everything I put out under the sneeze guard. Pick and choose as you wish. Thanks.

    2. Embarrassing ? You should be embarrassed Bill. Go study baseball scores. RW has it going on. Buffet Style Writing is sh#t.

      Left Handed Stranger says Keep On Keeping On RW !!! Haters Gonna Hate.

    3. Observing and critiquing is not hate it is opinion. If you read RW articles on sports where he offers insight and reports it is better writing. When he writes about things he does, the writing is not near as well done. "Lots of animals on our excursion. Sybil counted four deer, including one that skipped across the river." Saying that writing is subpar is not hate; just fact. I would not read his articles if his style was not compelling. Bill2455

  4. FYI, you are doing the picture thing all wrong, the woman should be topless, you should be covered up...

  5. looking good there Richie...thanx for the pic ;)


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