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Monday, August 5, 2013

Nelson Cruz Suspended for 50 Games/Regular Season: How Will He and the Rangers Survive?

   Okay Rangers fans, let's rub our hands together and get this thing going. It's about to get good.
   Since that closed-door meeting in Cleveland, Texas has won six of seven to resurrect baseball season. Thanks to Derek Holland's Sunday gem - he allowed only four singles over eight innings - the Rangers took two of three in Oakland and have sliced their deficit in the AL West from 6 to 2.5 games in a wonderful week.
   Ron Washington is now the winningest manager in franchise history (582), the bats are coming alive, tonight they face an Angels team they just swept in Arlington and ...
   Whoooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nellie!
   It all comes to a screeching halt without their best power hitter. And today Nelson Cruz is accepting a suspension that will end his regular season.
   Now that Major League Baseball has decided its punishment for players connected to the Biogenesis lab in Miami - a story that broke way back during the Super Bowl - all the hype will surround Yankees' slugger Alex Rodriguez.
   But the most impactful player on the list wears a Rangers' uniform: Cruz.

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  1. The Rangers will lose because they picked up a low-class player like Matt Garza. I am sure he will be real, real popular. Nice twitter feed Matt, real classy. I wonder how often he beats his significant other. Your player, Texas, enjoy his presence on the field. Bill2455

  2. Bill2455, why bring up Matt Garza on a story about Nelson Cruz? Way to show YOUR class, doofus.

    I think the Rangers will be just fine without Cruz. Bringing up Joey Butler would be the plan, I think. .290 average, 10 HRS and 44 RBIs at Triple-A Round Rock will be a nice addition.

    Not sure about his defense, but surely he won't be as streaky as Cruz is with over-the-shoulder catches close to the wall?

    1. @expataussie The Labels of the story included Texas Rangers, along with Alex Rodriguez, Major League Baseball, Nelson Cruz, steroids. An honorable man would withdraw his doofus comment and just admit he forgot to read the posting. Bill2455 (Beside you should be rooting for the A's and Balfour)

    2. I don't love Garza's character any more than I love the Rangers' chances without Nellie.

  3. He got caught! He will pay with a suspension. Do I want him on my team? I think so. What player is out there to replace him?