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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Marvin Gaye > Robin Thicke. Sorry, Relentless Song of Summer 2013.


   It's got a little Michael Jackson groove. It's got a smooth bass line. It's got just enough cowbell. It's got ridiculously horrible lyrics.
   It's now the official song of Summer 2013.
   Oh yeah, and it's totally sampled stolen.
   Apparently it took R&B crooner Robin Thicke to "collaborate" with T.I. and Pharrell Williams to subtly interject "hey Hey HEY!" into a song to make it their own. And make it friggin' huge.
   "Blurred Lines" is now enjoying its 10th consecutive week atop the Billboard 100, making it not only the song of summer '13 but also the most popular hit of the year. The song is everywhere, most noticeably on Radio Shack's mesmerizing commercial for a Beats Pill. (The NSFW version of the video - you've been warned - features nude models preening and jiggling and has over, get this, 10 million views.)

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