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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Reason to Love Dirk Nowitzki

   Flip-flops. A blonde buh-NAN-uh. A disinterested mascot. Mark Followill. And a goofy giant German.
   Imagine the Lakers asking Kobe to do a commercial like this? Yeah, right.


  1. Obviously the greatest Maverick of all time, but jesus-christ am I going to be bummed the f out when he no longer puts on that uniform.

  2. Whoever is in marketing for the Mavs....Genius! Yes, borrowed bit but still genius IMO!



  3. Funny commercial. The Spurs Big 3 have been doing funny ones for a few years, albeit paid endorsements for HEB but still, I get your point. Kobe wouldn't be doing commercials for the Southern California Piggly Wiggly or whatever they have.

  4. Replies
    1. Sybil I of course don't know you personally but you seem to be a really cool woman and attractive as well. I just don't get what you see in Whitt at all you could do so much better. Oh well maybe love is indeed blind and digs short late 40's dudes that think think they are 19. Anyway best of luck with your nuptials.

    2. Bitter, party of one? Bitter, party of one?

    3. He's smart, funny, hard-working, vibrant, caring, family-oriented, creative, confident, open-minded, happy, athletic, romantic, responsible, an excellent storyteller, and we fit together perfectly. Thanks for the warm wishes!

    4. I wish people would mind their own business! Why ask such a stupid question when Sybil's future or relationship is none of your concern! You go girl!

    5. LOL on the fools that come here and bash on RW. The guy has a track record of producing for YEARS and continues to do so. The Fan will be a distant memory soon. What guy wouldn't want RW's life ?

      Sybil, you forgot giving. Who can forget RW sending that family to Hawaii last year ? Make A Wish foundation was it ?

      Move on trolling haters.


      The Left Handed Stranger

    6. I'm a guy and don't want RW's life. I swear I don't.

  5. Just another reason to love Dirk!

  6. Interesting that Cash Sirois is featured in the commercial and he recently resigned his position with the Mavs. Will they edit him out?

    1. My Gaawd Sybs! You're 0 for 14 on that list!


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