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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cowboys' Version of Mediocre Musical Chairs Exposes Woes Along Offensive Line

   Coulda swore I saw a decent block by David Arkin against the Cardinals. Must've been a hallucination, because the Cowboys don't think much of the offensive lineman.
   So low is their opinion, in fact, that they're tinkering with the idea - less than three weeks until their season opener against the Giants - of re-booting their entire line in a move that would redact him from the depth chart.
   We've discussed the Cowboys' woes along the offensive line. It's the main reason I'm skeptical about the upcoming season. I delve further into the five-man weak link today over at NBC 5's Blue Star Blog.
   So today at practice - CLUE #5: "baby" - the Cowboys demoted Arkin, moved Mackenzy Bernadeau from right to left guard, moved Doug Free to right guard, and inserted Jeremy Parnell at right tackle. Arkin started against Arizona last weekend, but clearly he isn't even a temporary answer as Dallas waits for the return from injuries of Nate Livings and Ron Leary.
   I know these moves are just contingency plans. Jason Garrett doesn't want to get caught last-minute shuffling against the Giants if Leary doesn't return. Last season Parnell pushed Free, who is better suited for this year's zone-blocking schemes. And we know Bernadeau - who started a game at center in 2012 - is flexible. But the uncertainty is, to say the least, troubling.
   So, if you're scoring at home, Arkin sucks and the Cowboys are confident of only two players along the offensive line - left tackle Tyron Smith and rookie center Travis Frederick.
   Good luck!


  1. Well said right on point as always

  2. Replies
    1. ya, where is it? I read the NBC 5 Blue Star Blog looking for it and it's not there... ??? (even though there is no way I can be at Cockerll Hill Rd on Friday morning...)

  3. It's about time for another Greggo Expose.

  4. Clue #4? I think White Truck Wednesday must have been written first...posted later.

  5. Sad to say that the downfall of this team will more than likely be the O-line and quite possibly the D-line as well, the two weakest links (and most critical in today's NFL) from last year that weren't nearly upgraded enough in the off-season. They could have gotten Frederick a round or maybe two later than they did and used the #1 to beef up the D-line. And also cutting Doug Free's salary doesn't make him better. He's still the same guy and he's still the starting right tackle.

    Unless there is a new GM in town, we're doomed to the same fate we've been doomed to the last decade and a half....mediocrity at best.