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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Walk-Off Homer. Walk-Off Homer. Walk-Off Homer.

   So I spend a day at 14,000 feet and all Hell breaks loose?
   *The Mavs finally sign Devin Harris.
   *A-Rod's cutting deals and might be banned for life from baseball (and Nelson Cruz better be nervous),
   *The Eagles' Riley Cooper plays racist hillbilly at a Kenny Chesney concert.
   *And - with an exclamation point - the Rangers sure made us forget about that woeful weekend in Cleveland, huh?
   Back-to-back-to-back ... history.
   Monday: Geovany Soto.
   Tuesday: Leonys Martin.
   Wednesday: Adrian Beltre.
   Nothing to cure the Rangers' offense like a heaping dose of Angels' bullpen. When the Rangers returned from Cleveland they were in an epic offensive slump. Four days later they're basking in the glow of a sweep of Anaheim and the unprecedented feat of three consecutive walk-off wins via homer.
   The Rangers had never pulled off the Triple Taps, and no team in baseball had done it since the Tigers in 2004. Just like that - even without a deal at the trade deadline and with Cruz' suspension looming - the Rangers are within four games of Oakland and the baseball season in Arlington is officially resuscitated.
   Delicious reminder: That the way baseball go.


  1. Just goes to show that Wash hasn't lost the clubhouse, this team just seems to always battle back even if they don't always win.

    1. Just goes to show that the Angels bullpen sucks, and the Rangers squeaked out 3 wins without Pujols and Callaspo in the lineup. In a 3 game series, Pujols would have had at least one home run, so lets not get too excited until we see them beat a team that has pitching on the front and back ends that's worth a damn. Callaspo went to the A's btw.

    2. and no scott downs either, who surely would have gotten at least one of our lefties out in one of those games. But hey, its a W and hopefully the bats keep hitting.

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