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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On Second Thought, This Cowboys' Offensive Line Could Really Suck

   We all know how bad the Cowboys' running game was last season. Uglier than Sam Cassell's head atop Montrae Holland's body.
   In 2012 the Cowboys set a feeble franchise record with only 1,265 yards rushing. That's right, as a team they rushed for 832 yards less than Adrian Peterson. The total was 542 yards fewer than the previous season and DeMarco Murray's team-leading 663 was the lowest for a No. 1 back since Paul Palmer's 446 back in the 1-15 campaign of 1989.
   Emmitt Smith had seven better seasons, by himself.
   Despite the increased commitment to run by new play-caller Bill Callahan and the 170 yards amassed in the pre-season opener against the Dolphins, there are ominous signs entering 2013.
   The Cowboys are so depleted along the offensive line that they reached out to 33-year-old veteran Brandon Moore. But the Jet - a supporting actor in the infamous Butt Fumble play from last Thanksgiving - never got on a plane for Oxnard and instead this morning retired, declining Dallas' $2 million job offer.
   Now - two years too late - the Cowboys will reach out to Brian Waters. I suggested him in 2011 when concerns over Holland's physical limitations mandated reinforcement. But the Cowboys passed, and Waters eventually made the Pro Bowl with the Patriots.

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  1. Hi, RW. Just wanted this story to have a comment. Me thinks the "cyst" surgery was actually a procedure to implant a permanent flak jacket for Mr. Romo.

    1. Not a flak jacket-an implanted pump for pain meds. He's going to be human pinata back behind these guys.

  2. I think that the coach of the team saw those moments that led to such a weak result and their correction will necessarily improve the team game in the new season.