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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cardinals 12, Cowboys 7: My Top 10 Whitty Observations

   10. Even if you were a Time Warner Cable refugee banished to watching the game on Telemundo 39, the Cowboys committed seis turnovers. Seven points. Six turnovers. Ugly, but not necessarily shocking. The Cowboys were minus-13 in turnover margin last season, 5th-worst in the NFL and a huge reason they finished 8-8. If Dallas doesn't protect the ball, everything else is meaningless. Here's betting Jason Garrett doesn't let his team spend a day at the beach before a regular-season game.

   9. DeVonte Holloman has already made more plays as a Cowboys' No. 57 than Victor Butler did. He's got two pre-season picks, and also had a sack/forced fumble negated by replay.

   8. Micah Pellerin's hit made me miss the good ol' days of contact football. Covering a punt he launched shoulder to helmet for a huge hit. Of course he was flagged. Might be fined. And I know, football is safer. But it ain't better.

   7. Speaking of big hits, did you see Miles Austin lower his head and deliver a blow after a second-quarter catch? Totally came out of nowhere. Has to be the hardest hit the receiver has ever produced.

   6. Visiting the Cowboys out in California during camp  were actress Kate Bosworth, Chris Paul and Yankees' manager Joe Girardi. But the guest with the biggest impact was Peter Berg. Who? He's he director of the upcoming movie "Lone Survivor", about a Navy SEAL mission gone wrong. A clip of the film had the team riveted.

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  1. Saw ESPN's McMahon blame Williams for that horrible overthrow yesterday. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours. Romo wasn't throwing a crossing route.

    1. Your common sense/perspective is greatly appreciated.

  2. Richie...wasn't the Kyle Wilbur dribble, er, fumble recovery overturned on review? Ruling that QB's arm was going forward (although I can't figure how the ball went backward). No turnover.

  3. This is the same mediocre team that will produce the same anemic numbers on offense. Not bashing. It's just the way it is. I'll keep watching and cheering them on, but expectations need to be grounded in reality.

  4. Alex Ten-for-Tenney?

    When did Chris Berman show up? Is Norm here?

    You are better than this Richie.