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Monday, August 19, 2013

TV Interest In Your Dallas Cowboys, And Why I'm Now Writing For NBC's Blue Star Blog

   News for your Dallas Cowboys is a mixed bag today:
   Backup running back Lance Dunbar may miss the Sept. 8 season-opener with a sprained foot, and - unless you're a huge Phillip Tanner fan - that's bad.
   The Broncos' pass-rushing monster Von Miller will be suspended at least six games for multiple substance-abuse offenses. And that's good for the Cowboys, as they host Denver in Week 5.
   As for interest in America's Dallas/Fort Worth's Team, this whole Time Warner Cable blackout of CBS is having a tangible, negative effect. As in, Week 1 - against the Dolphins in the Hall of Fame Game - the Cowboys attracted 450,000 homes on NBC 5.
   Last two weeks? Only 316,000 viewers in Week 2 against the Raiders and on Saturday afternoon against the Cardinals just 347,000. As we know, interest in pre-season NFL games builds rather than wanes. (Until those superfluous final exhibitions, that is.)  Of course, the last two games were on CBS 11, which is no longer available to Metroplex TWC customers.
   The Rangers' win over the Mariners Saturday night, for what it's worth, attracted 205,000 viewers on Fox Sports Southwest.
   Meanwhile, another media platform - the Cowboys' blogosphere - will get a little more crowded as I've accepted a gig with NBC 5's Blue Star Blog.

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  1. As much as I despise the Cows, it's great that you have this new gig. While you're at Valley Ranch, there's this reporter for ESPN Radio San Antonio you might say hi to. Real nice lady.

  2. Congratulations on your new gig, Richie.

  3. Congrats, RW. Hate channel 5, so I won't mess with their website, but good for you!

  4. Does this mean you can't collect unemployment benefits anymore? lol


    See, RW, if you wait around for a couple of weeks, the ACTUAL numbers come out. Not the ones issued by the White House. Glad that you got the new job, honestly. Now stick to what you do best: sports and local radio happenings /rumors. Leave economics, religion, and politics alone. Not your forte, bud.

  6. Oh no, don't ever leave off politics, religion or economics. I dearly love watching the fallout when you lob grenades.

    What is the O/U on how long it takes for a troll to get banned over at NBC?

  7. RW, congrats. Hopefully you won't consider every story to be Breaking News like Ch 5 does.

  8. Story #1 should be where's Greggo

  9. And, yes, I'll immediately start badgering ol' radio pal Newy Scruggs for some TV time.

    As much as Newy sucks on TV, you are worse. Every time i've seen you on, you look nervous as fuck. And your hair plugs are a disaster.

    1. As I'm sure your TV gig is # 1 in the ratings. Go troll somewhere else. Whitt could give 2 shits about your comments.

  10. Congrats bud. Nice to have several revenue streams coming in.