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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Top 10 Hardest Things to Hit in Sports

   LeBron James with an alley-oop. Your target weight as a competitive eater. Jason Witten on third-and-four. That desperate groupie with the exposed cleavage and the wanting eyes. The restroom after four beers, ballpark nachos and a chili cheese dog. Singles off Fenway's Green Monster.
   No, those are actually easy to hit.
   Sure you can hit your stride, hit your quota or hit the head, but I'm efforting today to construct a list of the hardest things to hit in sports. Not just around sports, like the gym on the day after a long Thanksgiving filled with food, football and more food; that National Anthem high note on ... o'er the land of the freeeeee! ...; or even a three-team parlay or horse-racing trifecta.
   I'm talking about the hardest thing to hit between the lines. Like ...

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  1. Reggie Jackson once said that hitting Nolan Ryan's fastball was "like trying to drink coffee with a fork."

    Now normal guy stuff that the majority of us can actually attempt.(I don't think that Yu is going to be throwing us batting practice at any point.) This list contains FEATS as well as hits.

    A masse or jump shot in billiards. Although we all try.

    The middle of any target at Top Golf.

    Any hole in one(putt putt exempt).

    The bullseye in darts.

    A royal flush.

    A hard 8.

    Bowl a perfect game.

    Tackle Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl.

    Go undefeated on Madden in All Madden mode.

    Sybil(when you look like Richie) ;-)

    And I'm out!

    1. Sorry Richie. I know you've got thick skin. I see some of the awesome comments about you. I personally think that they're unwarranted and probably from assbags who are selling pain pills to Greggo and don't want you messing with their revenue stream.

      On another note, is your new nickname going to be Pizza Boy or Beer Bitch? Pizza Buzz has me confused. Oh wait, maybe YOU'RE Pizza Boy and Sybil is Beer... Haha, not gonna say it. Hey, at least I do read your blog when it's not about Bob and Dan.

  2. I would have never thought that this list of the most difficult things in the sport might include such things. Such actions are reasonably necessary.

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