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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cowboys Move Headquarters (and Training Camp?) to Frisco

   With a domed practice field and state-of-the-art amenities, why will the Cowboys ever leave Frisco?
   Worst-kept secret in sports was made official this morning when the Cowboys announced their intention to move headquarters from Valley Ranch to Frisco in time for the 2016 season. Only new nugget out of today's presser was the fact that - as part of the 25-year agreement - the Cowboys will annually hold one week of training camp in the Collin County suburb. I guess I'm wondering why the $115 facility isn't good enough to host all of training camp?
   Lots of NFL teams now train at their own digs. The Cowboys once left the Dallas' heat for the cooler climes of Southern California. But I watched them win three Super Bowls in four years while spending their summer outdoors in sweltering Austin. Bottom line: Training-camp weather - unless you're a member of the spoiled, whiny media - is the most overrated thing in sports.
   And one more thing on the Collin County Cowboys:
   I hear a couple folks moaning about more "welfare" for Jerry Jones. Look, Jerry makes a lot of mistakes. Most of them are personnel moves. But when talking about him being greedy or looking for welfare handouts, his critics conveniently forget this point: When Cowboys Stadium was built the City of Arlington pledged $325 million. Likewise Jerry.
   But in the end, he forked over another $900 million - almost a billion - of his own money to construct what he believed to be the world's biggest, bestest sports stadium. So call him whatever you'd like, but also acknowledge that businessmen willing to spend that much of their own money are assets, not liabilities.
   In 2012 Arlington's tax revenue reached an all-time high, the city is enjoying an unprecedented level of national relevance, and - thanks to the new AT&T naming rights - will pay off its stadium debt 10 years early.
   Just like Arlington, Frisco will get more than the appropriate bang for its bucks on this new facility.
   In other Cowboys news ...

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  1. They would host more training camp there but as you state it is a $115 dollar facility. Not very much money.

  2. Barry Horn ‏@bhorn55 2h
    The #Mavericks and ESPN DALLAS 103.3 FM have announced a five-year extension on the team's radio rights deal that now runs through 2017-18.

    Here's another one for you. Now what about the rumor that someone big in the DFW market is going to be saying see ya to said market that Horn threw out?

    Get those sources singing and let us know what's what, RW.

  3. Not sure it makes much sense to compare Rangers/Cowboys ratings. We obviously have so many more opportunities to catch a baseball game versus very few football games. In that light, the Rangers rating is downright impressive.