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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Illegally Getting Paid For Autographs is a Superhero Power? Who Knew?

   You can read Deadspin's digging on Johnny Manziel.
   Peruse my latest take on how Johnny got to be such a Goofball.
   Or, you can close your eyes, be blind to the truth, and pretend he's a ... Superhero?
   If you squint just a little you can see this Texas Monthly cover a tad differently ...


  1. Replies
    1. fuck the horns..Gig Em

  2. He looks like Adam Sandler as the Waterboy in this pic. "Aggies suck, they really, really suck. Aggies suck, they really, really suck!" *to be sung in Waterboy fashion* And regarding your post about the family history (I also read the more detailed account on Deadspin) I must say that having shady characters in your family tree doesn't mean you are shady yourself. Don't get me wrong - I think he is guilty of pocketing that money, but I don't think he was born a douche...he chooses to be one.

    Lindsey, Waco (Bears fan, but not a Baptist lol)

  3. did he rob, rape, or do drugs like numerous getto t sips have been doing for 20 years. no, he signed a few autographs, period. get off the young man. he is the greatest college player since bo. hard to take, huh t sips?

  4. I really liked your blog. I found a lot of interesting and useful information.

  5. The following entry is awesome! But nevertheless I can't be blind to the truth, and pretend he's a Superhero!

  6. thanks for this link for Deadspin's digging, I love it! this photo makes me laugh!

  7. And I fully support this initiative because I consider that it is necessary to observe the law.