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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Illegally Getting Paid For Autographs is a Superhero Power? Who Knew?

   You can read Deadspin's digging on Johnny Manziel.
   Peruse my latest take on how Johnny got to be such a Goofball.
   Or, you can close your eyes, be blind to the truth, and pretend he's a ... Superhero?
   If you squint just a little you can see this Texas Monthly cover a tad differently ...


  1. He looks like Adam Sandler as the Waterboy in this pic. "Aggies suck, they really, really suck. Aggies suck, they really, really suck!" *to be sung in Waterboy fashion* And regarding your post about the family history (I also read the more detailed account on Deadspin) I must say that having shady characters in your family tree doesn't mean you are shady yourself. Don't get me wrong - I think he is guilty of pocketing that money, but I don't think he was born a douche...he chooses to be one.

    Lindsey, Waco (Bears fan, but not a Baptist lol)

  2. did he rob, rape, or do drugs like numerous getto t sips have been doing for 20 years. no, he signed a few autographs, period. get off the young man. he is the greatest college player since bo. hard to take, huh t sips?

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  4. The following entry is awesome! But nevertheless I can't be blind to the truth, and pretend he's a Superhero!

  5. thanks for this link for Deadspin's digging, I love it! this photo makes me laugh!

  6. And I fully support this initiative because I consider that it is necessary to observe the law.

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