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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why I Hate The New York "Football" Giants

   I hate that Tom Landry coached there and Bill Parcells coached here.
   I hate Lawrence Taylor and Phil Simms and Michael Strahan.
   I hate their stupid nicknames like "G-Men" and "Jints."
   I hate they claim Pat Summerall and Vince Lombardi and Jim Thorpe.
   I hate Eli Manning's face and Victor Cruz's Salsa.
   I hate that Everson Walls and Chris Canty and even Jason Garrett played there after playing here.
   I hate their smug, elitist fans and media, and that they play in an entirely different state than their name.
   But mostly, I admit, I despise the New York Giants because they've beaten the Dallas Cowboys in eight of the last 11 meetings and went 4-0 at Cowboys Stadium. And in 2009 as New York christened the stadium in Arlington with Lawrence Tynes' game-winning field goal, an entire row of New York media stood and cheered.
   When reminded that NFL policy prohibits cheering in the press box, one writer hooted "Who cares?!" while another flung a stack of papers into the air as they gleefully, classlessly exited to the locker room.
   I love New York.
   But I really hate the Giants.
   So ... if you can’t beat ‘em, steal ‘em?

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  1. I know a loss is a loss, but man these games were close. Atleast they havent embarrased them in any of these games.

  2. Off topic I know, but with all your ripping of Johnny Football, doesn't it matter a little bit about the scam Aggie President is trying to pull? You blamed Johnny's family, how about blaming the Aggie President?


  3. Thanks RW, for reminding us all of last year's kick to the crotch. The fingertip grab that almost was... Alas, it indeed was a loss. But to shoehorn in a tired old phrase, that was definitely Dez Bryant's "coming out party" last year. Really looking forward to seeing his intensity Sunday night. For while a good chunk of the Cowboy fans might not remember it exactly, I'll bet #88 does. And hopefully, he'll use this to fuel the fire.

  4. I wonder who they are going to blame for this seasons melt down? Josh is gone.

  5. Uncle...the Boz was his uncle...GO CANELO!!