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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Signing Brian Waters Late: Shrewd or Scrambling?

   Sorry, Cowboys haters, you can't have it both ways.
   On Monday you were ridiculing the team for its lack of quality along the offensive line. On Tuesday Jerry Jones did something about it, and now you chastise him as "desperate."
   Your agenda is as pathetic as it is transparent.
   I get it, the fact that the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl since before the DVR makes you a tad skeptical. But they can't be wrong for doing the total opposite: Nothing. And something.
   I know, I wanted to sign Brian Waters two years ago. But to label the Cowboys' acquisition of him Monday as desperate and to accuse them of "scrambling" is just wrong.
   How's this?
   On Sept. 4, 2011 the New England Patriots signed Waters and were hailed as "shrewd."
   On Sept. 3, 2013 the Dallas Cowboys signed Waters and are criticized as "scrambling."
   Waters is 36. He sat out last year. The Cowboys tried to sign him during training camp, but the veteran didn't bite at backup money for a starting job.
   Bottom line: He makes DeMarco Murray a better runner, Tony Romo a better passer and the Cowboys a better football team.
   You can rip Jones for the root of this problem: His free-agent swings-and-misses on Mackenzy Bernadeau and Nate Livings. But you can't rip him for trying to fix what all of us agree is the Cowboys' biggest problem.


  1. When the Pats signed him IT WAS TWO YEARS ago when he was a serviceable lineman. Shrewd. Now two later and after he sat out a year and now 36. Scrambling. On the other hand he may be pretty much the best of the scrap heap so whatever.

  2. 3 million for a guy that hasn't played in a year and a half? Shit, what're Larry Allen or Leonard Davis doing these days? You could get them off the couch for that much I'm sure.

  3. The Cowboy teams of the early to mid 90's that won 3 Super Bowls (should have been 4 or 5) were built around the strength of the offensive line. Yes they had the triplets, but without the strong offensive line, the triplets would have not have achieved what they did and would have probably been injured more often. With that said, Jones the idiot GM, cannot seem to find good linemen unless they are blue chip first or second rounders. The Cowboys of old, more specifically Jimmy, knew how to find serviceable, if not pro-bowl quality, linemen in the later 4-8 rounds of the draft. Jones the GM will continue to thrawt Jones the owner, and the Cowgirls will continue their trek through medeocrity-land and no doubt miss the play offs. Hide and watch.

  4. Now Jerry needs to sign Greggo as the stadium announcer.

  5. Of course it's scrambling. Have you seen the O-line play? 36 years old and out of the league for over a year? C'mon, Richie. Jones will get the crap he deserves because the time to address the weakest AND most important part of this roster was in the midst of the off-season either through the draft and/or signing meaningful contributors, not a week before the opener by signing some guy well beyond his prime from off his couch.

    1. That's what I don't get. Why is it "scrambling" and "too late", even though they're filling an obvious hole with a guy they've targeted for two months?

    2. You're missing the point. You can't have it both ways, too, and say, hey, look, Jerry did something.

      Singing a guy off the couch less than a week before your opener against the Giants screams, "wow, we really do suck on the offensive line and either (a) were too blind and football stupid to realize how bad the line truly was; or (b) just failed miserably to address our most glaring problem and one that will always keep us out of the hunt."

      Does he take up a roster spot on a team that didn't have enough guards to play some preseason games? Yes. But still total desperation.....

    3. As I stated in the post about the offensive line above.... Jones the idiot GM will be proven wrong with this move. There are more question marks on this line with Waters, Free, and Livins....than the supposed 2 blue chippers (a second year guy and a rookie.) These are the STARTERS....what happens if one or two of those go down....then we get Bernardo and Parnell??? STINKO CITY baby.... that is the state of the O-line and no matter how you want to dress it up and put lipstick all over is still a pig. The Cowboys are rotten at the core....beginning with the head (Jones the GM) and his dumb ass decisions over the years that have resulted in ONE playoff win in almost 20 years...and that is the shit ass pudding we are trying to be fed here in Dallas.