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Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back, Texas High School Football!

   Man, I missed football.
   It took exactly one weekend to remind me just how much.
   Friday night A&M Consolidated High School trailed Copperas Cove, 41-38, with one second remaining. The crazy game featured 44 points in the final four minutes and CC's quarterback breaking the school's single-game passing records set by a guy named Robert Griffin III. CC kicked a field goal to take its lead with one tick remaining, setting off a wild celebration.
   But fans hadn't seed anything yet.
   Copperas Cove squibbed the kickoff and appeared to have the game won until, after a scramble for the bouncing ball and a lateral, A&M Consolidated's Derrick Dick weaved his way more than 50 yards in a direction-changing, jaw-dropping touchdown return that is going to be difficult to top for Play of the Year.
   Of course, there's always Week 2.
   But, no, this ending didn't top 1994's classic playoff game between Plano East and Tyler John Tyler. Not sure if it'll be bested.


  1. Original video -
    Just cause I don't like video stealing on YouTube.

  2. Here is high view of it -

    Technically #3 scored the first guy dropped the ball before the endzone.

    1. Thanks for the link, the one RW posted is private now for some reason. Idk why teams don't kick it high so their players can run under it; worst case receiving team calls for fair catch and there's one more offensive play.

  3. The greatness of Denny Garver and Eddie Clinton....landed themselves a seat on Jay Leno's couch and a spot in a spare football movie. Not bad I say!


    Ex-Plano Wildcat
    aka NTDSLARS