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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Johnny Goofball: Where is Being a Punk Included in the Aggie Code of Honor?

   Midnight Yell Practice. Don't walk on the grass. Senior boots. Saw 'em off!
   And above all the other traditions followed religiously in College Station ... the sacred Aggie Code of Honor.
   An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.
   It'd be a better planet if we all followed those rules all the time. Of course, our culture would also improve dramatically if we amended "An Aggie does not act like a punk ..." into Texas A&M's moral constitution.
   According to the school, the Aggie Code of Honor is "an effort to unify the aims of Texas A&M men and women toward a high code of ethics and personal dignity." For more on this tradition of high standards let's go down to Kyle Field and Johnny Goofball.
   *Making an "autograph" gesture, mocking the very rules he violated to be suspended by the NCAA.
   *Taunting opponents by pointing at the scoreboard of a lopsided game.
   *Rubbing his fingers together after a touchdown pass, as if to indicate each team achievement will bestow individual reward into his professional bank account.
   *More trash-talking, resulting in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
   And, finally ...

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  1. Richie,
    I'm no Aggie fan or Manziel fan but this topic has
    been beat to death. I agree he probably was paid
    but with no way for NCAA to prove it the case is cold. Is there really a need to micro analyze every little antic that he does on and off the field?
    ....Side note I know it's football season but can you show a little bit of love to the Rangers, one week between posts about Rangers is almost ridiculous.

    1. So much for the "Jedi-mind-trick-move-along-this-isn't-the-football-idiot-you're-looking-for" routine...

      As long as the Heisman Trophy winner contines to act like a moron, he's going to make national news. You might want to get used to that thought.

    2. elmata, I'll take your Rangers' request into account. But it's pretty lonely, honestly.

  2. So at this point....Aggie butt kissing aside that this topic has been beat to death...we can all go ahead and admit Johnny Goofball isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed?

  3. +1 Rooster on the Jedi mind trick.

    People that went to school at a&m have two camps--the older generation that had some class with the exception of gameweek against Texas and pulling sabres against Baylor--the guys I know are embarrassed by Johnny Paycheck. Then you have the younger generation that love the kid.
    Of course you have the tshirt buyers that are just happy that a&m is relevant again, so they love him =/> than the kids.

    I like watching the guy, he's a talent. In my opinion, every time he goes against authority(ignoring his coach or getting penalties) his draft stock drops even more. I just don't know if he cares about it though.

    I know it had me watching a&m play Rice, which on any other year wouldn't happen. Johnny on the field=$$$$$$ for a&m, NCAA, & ESPN.

  4. How about holding those from A&M hierarchy in other words the president of the frigging university to the same code as Johnny?

    Perhaps honor codes should start from the top down? Ya think?


    1. How about you not post the same damn thing two days in a row.

    2. I just wanted to irritate you. Mission accomplished. Bill2455

  5. First of all, the finger rubbing and "signature" motion as you call it are things he did last year and it didn't seem to bother anybody enough to not award him the Heisman.
    Second, Sumlin explained their encounter and stated it was handled the way it should have been, by Johnny keeping his mouth shut.
    Last, if you haven't been an Aggie, quit talking like you know how Aggies should act.

  6. The QB position in the NFL requires intelligence, maturity and composure more so than any other position in perhaps any sport. NFL GMs are watching. What they're seeing is just a shorter, mouthier version of Ryan Leaf.

  7. Richie, You are absolutely right on this.
    Johnny has crushed the Aggie Code of honor. a Code that has been the cadence of great university since it was established in 1876. A code that has been followed by administrators, staff and the current and former students of Texas A&M. Former students who have fought for our country in World Wars and military conflicts and been awarded the Medal of Honor 7 times. Former students who have served our country in the Senate and Congress. Former Students who have lead by examples as Governors, and educators, Doctors and first-responders. This is the same code that brings Aggies together to participate in Aggie traditions like Silver Taps and Muster, events that honor students and former students who have left us. Aggie traditions like the Big Event, the largest one day community service event of its kind.

    All of it ruined because the current quarterback took received a taunting penalty and made gestures that mimic signing autographs and collecting cash.

    And the worst part is that cash gesture has caught on. Taj Boyd of Clemson made the same gesture in his game against Georgia, Clemson has no honor.

    And for the way he acted towards his coach, despicable. I've never in all my years watching football seen a player much less a quarterback get chewed out by his coach. Forget that the coach said he didn't expect a response and that Johnny did exactly what he should have after the scolding is irrelevant. Johnny Crushed the Aggie Code of Honor.

    As an Aggie my degree feels worthless, my time at Aggieland and the lessons I learned there all seem a sham. All Aggies should take a look in the mirror and realize that the actions of johnny Football and his friend Nate have stained a once proud university, and all it took was your well thought out, fact based blog post to point it out. Well done Richie.

    1. Thanks. My pleasure. Sorry about your school.

    2. Anon above, that was the best. Even better - RW thinking you were complementing him.

      The last person I'd ever look to for thoughts on morals and ethics is the douche poodle who holds his business launch at a strip club. LOLZ for days.

      Signed, Proud Aggie. Gig 'Em.

  8. Johnny Manziel has? Are you serious? The "code of honor" was cracked during the reign of Jackie Sherrill. My we all have short memory banks.