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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

White Truck Wednesday: 9.4.13

   My theory, as most do, began simply as an observation, sparked by an annoyance.
   Driving Metroplex freeways - mainly 75 south from Collin County toward Dallas - I began noticing more and more a certain type of vehicle causing me the most anxiety. The white pickup.
   White trucks riding cars' bumpers, the drivers regularly pounding on their steering wheels for traffic to part for their apparently more important path. White trucks dangerously swerving in and out of congestion, often illegally using the shoulder as their personal passing lane. And white trucks, manned by a single driver, arrogantly and unlawfully using the HOV lane.
   Consider this my weekly ode to white trucks, the most aggressive, dangerous and soulless vehicles on our roadways ...

   Found him!
   The king of our White Truck scurvy. His name is Mike Gietzen. He lives in North Dakota. And he introduces White Trucks into our world.
   Lots and lots of 'em.
   "I've made a lot of money on white," says Gietzen, who sells the dangerous vehicles to oil companies, often dozens at a time.
   Problem is, there are lots of Mike Gietzen's in the world. And in the Metroplex. As I drive the winding country roads to visit dear ol' Mom in Godley there are two prevalent, pesky characters:
   White trucks.
   Not necessarily in that order.
   Now on to this week's White Truck Wackiness ...

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  1. RW -- also explains the backup in the overly slow lane on 114 eastbound this morning... side-less trailer with a washing machine and tall bookcase strapped in and the driver of the WHITE PICKUP looking constantly into his rearview and not straight ahead making sure he doesn't lose his precious cargo. Maintained about 40 MPH in a 60 during the start of rush hour.

  2. So Michael Vick was driving around in a white truck? Couldn't resist.