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Monday, January 20, 2014


   Because we kinda like each other and because I love punching holes in conventional wisdom/cliched thinking such as "Don't dip your pen in the company ink!", Sybil and I fell in love in radio and are now getting married in paradise.
   Our South Pacific wedding/honeymoon will take us south of the Equator, east of the International Date Line and across 6 countries, 10 time zones and 11 airports over 18 days. By the time we return we'll have gotten hitched, seen a major sporting event, gotten totally confused by our tweaked and then re-adjusted clocks/calendars, and likely be zapped of both money and energy.
   There'll be pics and stories and more pics on this here blog when we get back in late January. Until then I'll provide a pseudo-itinerary and outline of where we'll be and perhaps what the what we're planning on doing.

   I'm an admitted tennis geek. I love to play and watch and attend. Been to the U.S. Open. Been to Wimbledon. And, as of tonight, I'll have been to the Australian Open ...

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  1. Richie's bragging montage would be 10 hours long, and kind of silly. "Me and Troy were on a boat." "I hung out with Cubes at his house." I've been to Wimbledon." And that's just the last few days! I think we need to get the Great Gordo to admit that Chris Chris is based on Richie. Richie claims he doesn't know who Chris-Chris is, but that just lends credence to my theory that he is the basis for the character. Or does anyone believe that Ticket-obsessed Whitt doesn't know a major, long-running Ticket bit?

    1. Not cool man. It's gotten to the point picking on Richie is like making fun of a retarded person...he can't help it.