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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BEST OF: Only The Good Die Young 8.15.2005

   Just because Sybil and I are out frolicking in the South Pacific, couldn't leave you guys hanging. So while I'm gone let's do what the syndicated radio shows do. Yeah, a little "best of ..."
   I'll post some of my favorite stories from the past and before you know it I'll be back live and in living color with tales from abroad.
   Thanks again for your patronage, your patience and your understanding of my honeymoon sabbatical.

Only The Good Die Young
By Richie Whitt
Avid Golfer
August 15, 2005

   Hug your kids and hold on to your faith.
   Because sometimes, defying infinite odds and surely God’s will, very bad things happen to very good children.
   “Chandler lived so fast, played so hard, loved so much,” trembles the voice of father Rick Jackson between trickles of tears. “It’s like he knew he was a special angel … one that would only be on this Earth a short time.”
   Chandler Hugh Jackson hit, caught, threw, dived, kicked, leaped, rolled, birdied, danced, sang, prayed, joked, laughed, loved and crow-barred 12 lifetimes into his 12 years.
   Then, just like that – before you could comprehend his present or calculate his future – he was gone. In a tree-lined Kentucky ditch on a July 6 blackened with morbid misery and mind-boggling mystery, Chandler instead became the next All-American Tragedy ...

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