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Friday, January 17, 2014

BEST OF: Mark Cuban's Having a Ball 2.13.2000

   Just because Sybil and I are out frolicking in the South Pacific, couldn't leave you guys hanging. So while I'm gone let's do what the syndicated radio shows do. Yeah, a little "best of ..."
   I'll post some of my favorite stories from the past and before you know it I'll be back live and in living color with tales from abroad.
   Thanks again for your patronage, your patience and your understanding of my honeymoon sabbatical.

By Richie Whitt
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
February 13, 2000

   Mark Cuban has enough dollars to afford the world's largest
living room. Even more valuable, he has enough sense to know how to live in it.
   One of the countless "oh-my-gosh!" gaudy rooms in his $16 million,
24,000-square-foot mansion, the formal room is as big as a high school gym.
It has an intricately designed marble floor, ornate wood columns stretching to a 20-foot ceiling, a fireplace big enough to hold a Hyundai and two blinding crystal chandeliers.
   But nothing says more about the new owner of the Mavericks than the only
furniture in the room: a $1.99 plastic yellow Wiffle-ball bat.
    "This is home plate," Cuban exclaimed, pointing to the corner, "and anything off the chandelier is an automatic homer." ...

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