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Monday, January 20, 2014

BEST OF: Special Delivery 3.5.2009

   Just because Sybil and I are out frolicking in the South Pacific, couldn't leave you guys hanging. So while I'm gone let's do what the syndicated radio shows do. Yeah, a little "best of ..."
   I'll post some of my favorite stories from the past and before you know it I'll be back live and in living color with tales from abroad.
   Thanks again for your patronage, your patience and your understanding of my honeymoon sabbatical.

By Richie Whitt
Dallas Observer
March 5, 2009

   My new hero is Eric. He plays for my new favorite sports team: The special education squad from DallasConrad High School.
   Seemingly an odd choice, because this year Eric probably won’t score many baskets and Conrad likely won’t win many games. Utterly immaterial, because they’ve already completed a perfect season.
   Autism be damned.
   I went to the Texas Special Olympics/ Dallas Area basketball tournament last weekend in Allen and Lucas seeking a good story from what I figured was a great cause. What’d I find?
   A whole, new perspective ...

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