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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: Welcome! 2013: Scram!

   I'll be honest, 2013 sucked was challenging. No, let's go ahead with challenging sucked.
   Our sports teams - the Stars, Mavs, Rangers and Cowboys - all missed the playoffs, leaving DFW without a post-season game for the first time since way back in 1989. A lot of you have never known a calendar year void of at least one playoff game featuring a home team. Welcome to mediocrity!
   The Rangers lost a play-in game after a 91-72 regular season. The other three combined? 71-71-4. (Cowboys 8-8, Mavs 41-41, Stars 22-22-4).
   Yeah, ouch.
   On a personal note, I'm not the least bit unhappy to bid adieu to a year in which Sybil and I lost our radio jobs and all the financial accessories on that fateful day back in April. We've risen from the ashes, her on 103.7 KVIL and me on NBC 5 and in this here little blog.
   I guarantee 2014 will get off to a much better start. This month I'll get married in Bora Bora and attend tennis' Australian Open Down Under. From there, who knows?
   My 2014 resolution: To stop making that old-man uhhhhahhhhh noise when I perform simple tasks like getting into the car, putting on my shoes or snuggling under a blanket. I know, aim high right?!
   As we take one last look back at the Crappy Old Year that was, I've jotted down my memories of sports and life and whatnot. Here's hoping 2014 is happy for you and yours, and that 2013 is less painful in our rear-view mirror ...

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  1. Could you also stop making that old man noise during sex?

  2. Happy New Year Richie & Sybil! Best of life to you and have a great wedding!

  3. Did Donovan Lewis get a new contract? Will he be staying on the ticket?

  4. This light going out kinda makes me think of Richie's career.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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