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Friday, January 24, 2014

BEST OF: I Smell A McRat 11.23.2006

   Just because Sybil and I are out frolicking in the South Pacific, couldn't leave you guys hanging. So while I'm gone let's do what the syndicated radio shows do. Yeah, a little "best of ..."
   I'll post some of my favorite stories from the past and before you know it I'll be back live and in living color with tales from abroad.
   Thanks again for your patronage, your patience and your understanding of my honeymoon sabbatical.

By Richie Whitt
Dallas Observer
November 23, 2006

   First, a rat. Next, a load of bullshit.
   Can't wait to see what McDonald's serves up for Thanksgiving.
   See, Chrissy Haley isn't suing the Southlake McDonald's and its corporate parent for $1.7 million just because she and her nanny found a dead rat in her Bacon Ranch Salad last summer. It's because, in the aftermath, the restaurant spouting family values has acted conniving, uncooperative, ignorant, apathetic and downright dishonest, almost as if it didn't give a rat's ass about customers.
   All the wife of Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley sought was an acknowledgment. An apology. Some peace of mind. But given McDonald's indifference, Chrissy's left with physical side effects from drastically altered eating habits, psychological side effects from the uncertainty of diseases the rat carried and, in the end, a drastic attempt to challenge the credibility of one of America's most powerful and popular institutions ...

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  1. Poor Greggo worked next to a RAT for 3 years!

  2. Those Haleys are f'd up. There was a story earlier this year about thier house renting habits/problems in KC and Pittsburgh. They sound like real losers.