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Monday, December 16, 2013

20 Years Later, Cowboys' Same Greedy Strategy Produces Drastically Different Results

   One of the most memorable plays in Dallas Cowboys' history was born of illogical desperation and founded upon a distrust of the defense.
   No, not Sunday's interception by Tony Romo in which he changed a run into a pass and then transformed a sack into a pick. I'm talking about the play that ignited their 1990s dynasty.
   On January 17, 1993 the Cowboys were clinging to a 24-20 lead on the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game in the slop of Candlestick Park ...

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  1. Here's a guy who knows sports, enjoys his gig ------->

    1. How does it feel to be Bob Sturm's bitch?

    2. Bob and I are friendly. He's a good dude. Thanks.

    3. The guy pretty slammed you as politely as possible last week on the radio. Something to the effect of, Guy's like Richie Whitt try to be the news breakers, what I took from it was ready, shoot, and aim. Memory serves me correctly he brought up the Dez injury from last year. But yeah, he's a good dude. And has a salary.

    4. Yeah, I can see he thinks you're classy from tweets earlier this year...

      Tex Texas ‏@longhorny1 6 Jan
      “@richiewhitt: And before I forget, nice painted dirt for a field.” Before I forget=just caught up on @SportsSturm tweets from an hour ago!

      Richie Whitt ‏@richiewhitt 6 Jan
      @longhorny1 @SportsSturm Good try but I don't follow him. No reason to.

      Bob Sturm ‏@SportsSturm 6 Jan
      @richiewhitt @longhorny1 classy.

  2. Wrong photo there, Chief.

    The photo you have posted is from the 1994 regular season meeting between SF & Dallas. Note that SF is wearing their throwback uniforms and note the NFL 75th anniversary on Harper's uniform.

    The 1992 NFC Championship which you refer to was played on a swampy field in cloudy, sloppy conditions.

    Big Jim Jack

    1. Further proof Richie is as dumb as people think. I bet he's even stupid enough to think people would pay to see his mis-information

    2. I know where the photo is from. Just couldn't find one of Harper's "play." Thanks.

  3. If a blog is posted and no one is there to read it, was it really posted?

  4. The Ticket is doing a great job analyzing the Cowboy debacle. Credible sports info.