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Monday, December 2, 2013

WHITT'S END: 12.2.13

      Whether you're at the end of your coffee, your day, your week or even your rope, welcome to Whitt's End:

   *Just when the Cowboys trusted Lance Dunbar and just when the change-up back added a much-needed dimension to Dallas' offense - poof - he's gone. Here, then not. Like one of David Blaine's coins. Hope you enjoyed that refreshing burst on Thanksgiving, because Dunbar is Done-bar, out for the season with a torn knee ligament. Joseph Randle and Phillip Tanner will attempt to fill Dunbar's role. But make no mistake, this is a priority injury to a backup player. In much better news, sounds like Sean Lee will return for next Monday night's game against the Bears.

   *Alabama lost on the road to its rival on a day when it missed 4 field goals and had one returned 109 yards for the game-deciding touchdown. On a neutral field I'd take 'Bama over Auburn 9 out of 10 times. And therein lies the beauty of college football. Raise your hand if you picked Auburn and Missouri to play in the SEC Championship Game. Nobody? That's what I thought. Last year the Tigers-x-2 were 2-14 in conference play.

   *Any game that ends with Nick Saban unhappy is a good game.

   *After watching Ohio State slip past a mediocre Michigan team on the game's final play, I'm not convinced of the Buckeyes. Their schedule strength is 61st, the price for scheduling San Diego State and Florida A&M at home. Ohio State will be tested big time in the Big 10 Championship Game against a Michigan State team that won all 8 of its conference games by 10+ points. If the Buckeyes reach the BCS title game against Florida State, they'll be double-digit underdogs.

   *We all used the replacement refs as a punch line and just couldn't wait for the "real refs." Remember when you actually applauded their return? But, seriously, NFL officials are having a ridiculously horrible season. With memories of the inexplicable non-call in the end zone of Patriots-Panthers still fresh, last night Jeff Triplette's crew botched the end of Redskins-Giants. With Triplette signaling first down and the line judge clearly motioning for the chains to be moved, oops, it was actually still third down. And then instead of 2nd-and-10, um, it was 4th-and-1. "The stakes were moved incorrectly," Triplette said, as if they magically, erroneously moved themselves. I'm not saying it directly cost the Redskins the game, but I've never seen a more fundamental, egregious error at more pivotal time in an NFL game. It certainly changed Washington's play-calling. For years I've called for the banishment of football's archaic "chains." And these days I'd love to see human referees leave the sport with them.

   *If you missed my Top 10 Whitty Comments on Cowboys-Raiders over the weekend, consider them leftovers over in the NBC 5 Blue Star Blog fridge.

   *While on the couch burping turkey and sipping spirits with the family over Thanksgiving several topics arose. Including, "Would you rather be fired or dumped?" Consensus: Fired. Good jobs are much easier to come by than good spouses. Amen to that.

   *In honor of Cyber Monday, DFWSportatorium will be free all day! Next week? We'll see.



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  1. Lol on the *Not pic. Kid crying!!

  2. I love pics of kids crying at college football games.

  3. Replies
    1. Ever hear of Bing or Google genius? Or is that too much work. Here's a link for you lazy ass.

    2. Why does Richie need to post radio ratings? Should he post the circulation numbers for the Star Telegram and The Observer since he used to work at those papers? Now that he's on with Newy should he start posting the weekly TV ratings for the Sunday Night Sports Shows? (answer: only if he chooses to since this is his blog.)


    3. I know the ratings... I want to read RW comment about them...

    4. Well... he always posted and commented about the Ratings when The Fan was down... Why not comment now that they're up and above all Sports Radio competition...? Just a thought

    5. Another thought would be the ticket is on AM and FM now. So you might want to combine those two numbers. And also go to the coveted demographic. It will be a cold day in hell the Fan rules the sports broadcasting in DFW.

    6. The Fan is "up and above all Sports Radio competition"? Um, stay tuned.

  4. Holding up a child crying as a form of ridicule by putting it in the "not" section is not only "not cool"; some would suggest it is a form of bullying. I would guess that his dad would whip somebody's butt if he knew about it.

  5. RW...not to defend the guy (because he's poor at his job) but Jeff Tripplette NEVER signaled first down. The screw-up was by the line judge who directed the chains to move.

  6. Best violinist? Charlie Bisharat -> Check this out, Rich. It's from his record called "Along the Amazon" recorded in the early 90's. A great record. Expand your horizons, dammit. Then break down and buy the record.