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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Canine Corner: Valentino

  This handsome guy is Valentino. He's a special boy who was abandoned at the Dallas shelter when his previous owner realized he was deaf. (Sidenote: Some people suck.) Valentino has never let his disability slow him down. He completed basic obedience training, and he now knows sign language! He proved to be a fast learner, having mastered 23 hand signals in only five weeks.

  Valentino lost his left eye in a freak accident while he was playing. He's still just as cheerful as ever! He gets along great with his foster pup siblings, and he loves cuddling with humans too. This Australian Cattle dog is 10 months old. He's already neutered and current on his shots. He's also housebroken and crate-trained. Valentino will make someone's family very happy. Might it be yours?

  To find out more about sweet Valentino, please click here. (Our last Canine Corner dog was Ally.)


  1. Never understood how this should have a priority over child mortality just because they don't "live around here". Technology allows us to act globally to save *children*. This is such a small myopic gesture to make yourself feel good while ignoring the big picture; so typical in modern first world society.

    1. what ??? I know what your saying, but you live in America now... and dogs are a big deal here , they will never take priority over a child, but they're still a big deal... if you can't get past that , you should probably not live here. That being said,I can"t believe that I keep coming back to this stupid commit page

  2. get your own blog and get the hell away from this guy rw. Seems he is a shallow and greedy soul. jump off now!!!

  3. Do you know 100% for sure this is an "Australian Cattle Dog"? Not really a breed. Looks like it might have some pit in it.